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No Plastic In My Sea

No Plastic In My Sea

A challenge to support all players on the road to zero plastic

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With 100 €,
No Plastic In My Sea finances:
1 organization(s) supported in the reduction of unnecessary plastics
2,992 €15,000 €
32 Captains


Plastic pollution is an environmental scourge.

100,000 marine mammals and 1,000,000 seabirds die every year as a result of this major pollution. And the pollution is linked to an overproduction of plastic (it has doubled since 2000).

Worse still, plastic also constitutes a health risk, as it contains numerous chemical additives.

It is essential to act against this pollution at source.


The No Plastic Challenge supports all players in plastic reduction (schools, local authorities, companies and organizations, sports clubs, individuals).
Awareness-raising tools, waste collections, events, conferences and workshops are set up to: 
1/ create awareness;

3/ maintain this change over time.
No Plastic In My Sea primary
No Plastic In My Sea secondary

Recent result

During the wave of May-June 2023, 150 schools, 200 companies and 100 other organizations (associations, sports clubs, communes...) committed themselves.

A total of 75,000 people made aware and trainedin eco-gestures to reduce plastic.

The money will be used for

No Plastic In My Sea will be able to finance: 
- the recruitment and coordination of 600 ambassadors and volunteers over the year;
- the updating of 30 educational materials/tools;
- waste collection equipment;
- the social campaign: communication material.


No Plastic In My Sea aims to reach 100,000 participants in 600 organizations (schools, sports clubs, businesses, individuals).
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