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Why we love it?

We love and admire the systemic impact of this association! By raising awareness and mobilizing all players in society about the environmental consequences of plastic pollution in our oceans, it creates the right conditions for a real change in behavior!

The project

SensibilizationCircular economy
Reduce unnecessary plastics and act at source against plastic pollution.
plastic bottles sold in France each year
of marine waste comes from land
75 000
mobilized every year through the No Plastic Challenge, the #GourdeChercheFontaine petition, the Plastic Footprint Test, etc.


Reducing single-use plastics (bottles, packaging...) is the priority action to be taken against plastic pollution. No Plastic in My Sea accompanies all players in this "deplastification" (schools, local authorities, companies and organizations, sports clubs, individuals) to protect our environment and our health.

With the No Plastic Challenge, the association: 
1/ creates awareness: online test of one's plastic footprint, waste collections, awareness 
2/ accompanies change: advice sheet, eco-gestures, audit of priority changes, help with implementation.

The money will be used for

No Plastic In My Sea will be able to finance: 
- the recruitment and coordination of 600 ambassadors and volunteers over the year;
- the updating of 30 educational supports/tools;
- waste collection equipment;
- the publication of solution sheets for stakeholders;
- the social campaign: communication material.
Let's de-plasticize our production and consumption patterns: it's the most effective action against plastic pollution. Let's listen to the scientists and take action.
Muriel Papin
Managing Director
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