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Like ton Job

Like ton Job

A career discovery program in priority education zones

With 25 €,
Like ton Job finances:
1 professionals met by a schoolchild


Today in France, 40% of under-25s from working-class neighborhoods are unemployed compared with 24% in France as a whole. 3 out of 10 young people regret their orientation.


To offer a more concrete and varied orientation, Like ton Job offers priority education establishments a career discovery course, from 5e to 3e, where each student encounters 10 professions per year, 30 over 3 years

The professions are embodied by volunteer professionals becoming, 2 hours a year, Passeurs de Passion. They meet the criteria of parity of gender and levels of education, thus ensuring the eclecticism of the trades & career paths presented to the students. These professionals benefit from a 2-hour training session and a 2-hour coaching session led by Like ton Job before, during and after their trade presentations in class.
Like ton Job primary
Like ton Job secondary

Recent result

Since 2017, in 5 years, Like ton Job has grown from a total of 75 accompanied students to 3000. A mobilized community of 30 to 800 professionals, made up of 50% men and 50% women, working people with diplomas ranging from Cap, BP, Bac to Bac + 5 and more.

The money will be used for

The funds raised will be used to:
- set up a career discovery program in 8 classes;
- organize 10h of career presentations in the classes concerned;
- raise awareness and bring together professionals to address the eclectic nature of career representation;
- train and support these professionals.

The total budget for the project is €50,000.


The money raised will be used to offer the Like ton Job career discovery course to 200 students from disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Paris region, and to bring together and train 70 professionals to present their professions and career paths to young people in an embodied and concrete way. 
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