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Through the Like Ton Job program, the association helps young people from the 5th grade onwards to make the right career choices. Its mission: to open up the field of possibilities through equality of knowledge!
of working-class children go on to general or technological lycée
5 000
high school students
have benefited from the Like Ton Job program since 2017
1 000
Passengers of Passion
shared their academic and professional experiences, including 40% from a short-study background and 60% from a long-study background


Opening up the field of possibilities, by combating social determinism,  and thus enabling every young person to choose his or her educational orientation and career path freely!

The Like Ton Job program runs throughout the school year in schools, with a dynamic of 10 sessions per class, including 8 job discovery sessions embodied by volunteer Passion Drivers, in a logic of gender equality and the fight against professional stereotypes, from CAP/ BEP to Bac+5.

Diversity, Mixity and Equality of Representations!

The money will be used for

  • Setting up and running the Like Ton Job program with a class, i.e. 8 Career Discovery programs over the year.
  • Recruitment, training and support for Passion Driers, volunteer professionals.

10 € = 1 students benefiting from the Like Ton Job program

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33 difts
Why we love it?

It's important to have inspirations and role models to project oneself and allow oneself to dream, just as it's difficult to imagine the day-to-day life of a profession without ever having experienced it: it's from this double observation that the Like ton Job initiative was born, to enable secondary school students from disadvantaged neighborhoods to open up their horizons and build a coherent career plan rooted in reality.

As Boris Cyrulnik says, "dreams are the premise for all action!" So let's give these young people the power to dream their future, to expand their range of possibilities, and to move forward with confidence towards a professional world that's a source of hope.
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Carole Grillot
President and Founder of the Like Ton Job Program
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