An intergenerational mentoring program to help you find a job

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0hour-s of support from a trained, equipped and supervised mentor funded
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30 € = 1 hour-s of support from a trained, equipped and supervised mentor
Why we love it?

An ingenious project that combines the fight against exclusion, diversity, integration, the enhancement of life paths and the creation of social links between people who would surely never have spoken to each other, with multiple benefits for society!

The project

In 2024, with your help, DUO for a JOB is continuing to grow and aims to launch 500 new "duos". 500 solutions. 500 links. Beyond ages, origins, neighborhoods.
The gap between the activity rates of young people born in France and those born abroad.
young people
supported by DUO for a JOB since 2013
of young people find training or employment in the year following their support


DUO for a JOB is a mentoring program that enables a young foreigner or immigrant to be accompanied in his or her job search by a mentor aged over 50. We cross the life paths of two apparently very different groups, often linked by the experience of doubt, indifference or prejudice. DUO for a JOB is a highly effective means of integrating young people into the world of work, but it is also a project that opens up new horizons and builds human links between people of different ages, backgrounds and neighbourhoods.

The money will be used for

- Train mentors (24 hours of face-to-face training)
- Run information sessions for young people (hundreds of one-hour sessions per year and in 4 antennas)
- Provide computer equipment for young people who don't have it (Chromebook, notebooks, pens, etc.).)
- Fund the salaries of the permanent staff, in particular the duos coordinators (1h30 individual interviews with each young person and mentor in particular!)
- Welcome the duos in equipped and convivial premises (in Paris 11th, Lille, Marseille and Lyon)
900 duos created since 2019, that's just as many lives that had little chance of coming together, sharing a unique, powerful, human experience that creates social ties!
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Stefanie Biesmans
Directrice France DUO for a JOB
Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
Certified by Captain Cause
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Lauréat La France S'Engage 2021 label
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