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Fondation GoodPlanet

Fondation GoodPlanet

Workshops, exhibitions and concerts to raise awareness of environmental issues

With 10 €,
Fondation GoodPlanet finances:
1 person(s) benefiting from a free awareness-raising workshop
1,918 €15,000 €
17 Captains


Because in the face of today's climate and environmental challenges it is urgent to act, we must build a more sustainable, more responsible and more united world for all!

At the GoodPlanet Foundation, day-to-day missions consist of providing knowledge on social and environmental issues and encouraging changes in behavior towards eco-responsible practices... all in a benevolent and positive way!


On the program: over 60 participatory workshops (Sustainable Agriculture & Food, Waste Reduction, Biodiversity Preservation, Cultures of the World, Energy & Climate, Water &; oceans), Exhibitions mixing art and science on biodiversity, Inspiring encounters, Concerts, Artistic shows, Conferences, Cinema screenings (films, documentaries...), Escape games on energy, etc.
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Recent result

Since its creation in 2019, more than 450.000 people have been able to take part in their activities to raise awareness of sustainable development.

In 2022, this represents 12.000 schoolchildren and beneficiaries of structures in the social field (associations, IME...), and 50.000 visitors made aware!

The money will be used for

Each €10 entitles 1 person to a workshop or awareness-raising activity in a festive, participatory and educational atmosphere!


3.000 beneficiaries: students from kindergarten to high school, families, beneficiaries coming via social structures (child protection associations, emergency shelters, rescue services, etc.), etc.

Photo credits: Marco Strullu
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