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Fonds de dotation de Label Emmaüs

Fonds de dotation de Label Emmaüs

Digital skills training for the underprivileged

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Fonds de dotation de Label Emmaüs finances:
1 hour-long digital training course for an underprivileged person
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The digitization of the economy has boosted employment in the digital sector. As a result, jobs in the digital sector are in high demand (800,000 positions are expected to be filled by 2025). Moreover, the digital divide is a factor of exclusion, all the more so for people in precarious or socially excluded situations. Vocational training is therefore an essential requirement.

However, many people (asylum seekers or those with residence permits) are excluded from traditional funding channels (Pôle Emploi, Region, CPF...) and cannot benefit from vocational training. These people are in a situation of serious exclusion.


This is why Label Emmaüs, through its endowment fund, has decided to set up a solidarity fund for training in digital professions to enable people excluded from mainstream public funding to acquire skills in this sector.In concrete terms, this fund will finance training for these people, covering the cost of training and related costs (catering, accommodation, mobility). Vocational training in the digital professions will be provided by partner training organizations capable of taking on a type of public in a situation of great exclusion, thanks to strong, personalized support.

Label Emmaüs is working to diversify profiles in the digital world, in order to make this professional sector accessible to people who are furthest away from it because it offers job opportunities. Beyond financing the scholarship, the association's role is to act as a link between training organizations and specialized associations, in order to guide and support beneficiaries as best possible towards training courses that correspond to their needs and professional projects. 
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Recent result

Since 2019, the Label Emmaüs endowment fund has already supported the financing of 16 solidarity projects and their actions on the themes of fighting the digital divide and professional integration thanks to Trëmma, the platform for participatory financing by donating objects online. 

The money will be used for

Thanks to you, Label Emmaüs will accompany beneficiaries on their training journey and finance the costs of training, accommodation, transport and catering. The funds raised will also be used to support the implementation of the project, including engineering costs. 


Label Emmaüs aims to successfully finance the support of at least 10 beneficiaries over a 6-month period. 
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