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In the age of all-digital technology, when 35% of French people say they have at least one difficulty with digital technology, it's vital to train the most remote members of society in basic digital skills, so as not to isolate them even further and continue to be part of society: this is the challenge that WeTechCare has decided to take up.

The project

WeTechCare is committed to helping vulnerable groups find and keep jobs, by offering effective training in basic digital skills. To this end, WeTechCare has developed Les Bons Clics, a free, turnkey training platform for digital training.
of jobs require digital skills
of French people express difficulties with digital technology
of beneficiaries have received digital support from WeTechCare since 2016


The digitalization of our services, our modes of communication and work, has accelerated inequalities for those who lack the necessary skills. Indeed, today 75% of jobs require digital skills, and the majority of job offers are found on the internet. For people who are already in a situation of social fragility, digital technology therefore represents a double penalty.

WeTechCare's mission is to make digital technology an opportunity for all by acting alongside partners (the State, local authorities, service operators, companies) to make digital training more systematic and more accessible.

Best wishes from WeTechCare!
The WeTechCare team wishes you all the best and thanks you for your support!
Thanks to you, our platform Les Bons Clics, a free website to support fragile publics on digital, was able to continue its development in 2023!
- More than 71,000 caregivers have created an account on Les Bons Clics to help fragile publics;
- More than 75,000 beneficiaries have created an account to train on Les Bons Clics;
- More than 3,800 caregivers have been trained via our webinars.

Together, let's continue our efforts to make digital an opportunity for all!
Best wishes from WeTechCare!

The money will be used for

- Keep the Les Bons Clics platform free of charge for end beneficiaries;
- Develop new, fun and effective training content on digital skills;
- Make the solution known to a greater number of players in the territory.
Let's continue to raise this issue so that, collectively, we can turn the corner on digital technology and open up the opportunities it offers to everyone on the path to integration.
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Jean Deydier
Director and Founder of WeTechCare
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