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Digital training to boost the employability of disadvantaged young people

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With 45 €,
Konexio finances:
1 training day(s) for one learner
391 €15,000 €
5 Captains


In France, 13 million people are victims of the digital divide despite the fact that 75% of jobs, today, require basic digital skills.  

These days, there's a lot of recreational use of digital technology, which doesn't reflect mastery of digital tools in a professional setting. The demand for digital skills in today's professions therefore necessitates learning them. 

The digital sector offers many opportunities, but social inequalities and self-censorship deny certain audiences access to them.


The DigiPulse program is learning digital skills in collective project mode. It's also about developing soft skills and the codes of the professional world by focusing on teamwork, organization and planning as well as creativity.

DigiPulse enables learners to gain greater self-confidence with a view to their professional integration and improve their employability.

This participative and fun format better captures the young audience who need collaboration, interaction and practical application.
Konexio primary
Konexio secondary

Recent result

Global targets achieved by Konexio: 4500 training courses carried out in 4 countries, 15 cities and 40 training sites. Our overall positive exit rate (return to employment or pursuit of qualifying training) is 72%.

The money will be used for

The funds raised will enable Konexio to cover the costs of training beneficiaries. This involves paying the trainers and teams in charge of the project, purchasing computer equipment and renting training rooms.


40 beneficiaries per session:
- 80%
of beneficiaries have developed a better understanding of how a company operates and the codes of the professional world;
- 80%
of beneficiaries have developed their soft skills, and in particular that of teamwork;
80%of beneficiaries feel more confident about their professional integration.
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