Digital training to boost the employability of disadvantaged young people

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Why we love it?

Jean Guo's association has already proved its impact! With the DigiPulse program, Konexio helps young people who are far from employment to improve their employability by combining technical digital skills and learning the codes of the job market, all in good fun.

The project

Train 80 learners in digital skills through interactive, hands-on teaching!
people in France suffer from the digital divide
trained per year
of participants find a job or training within 6 months of the program


The DigiPulse program is learning digital skills in collective project mode. It's also about developing soft skills and the codes of the professional world by focusing on teamwork, organization and planning as well as creativity.

DigiPulse enables learners to gain greater self-confidence with a view to their professional integration and improve their employability.

This participative and fun format better captures the young audience who need collaboration, interaction and practical application.

Our vision for DigitAll in 2024
DigitAll is a program enabling the acquisition of digital skills from the most basic to the most advanced in order to promote the social and professional integration of people furthest from employment and digital. It aims to make beneficiaries autonomous in their use of digital. 

Targets and new features for 2024:
-Increase the number of learners trained by 15% to over 1,800.
-At the end of training, enable learners to take the PIX certification. 
- Ensure an 80% attendance rate from learners.
-Continue to deploy DigitAll in different cities via our four regional antennas (Ile-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Pays de la Loire).

Thank you all for your help! Together, let's continue to make an impact. 

See you soon, 
The Konexio team
The year 2023 draws to a close!
 We're currently preparing the new DigiPulse promotions to be held in 2024. As a reminder, DigiPulse is: 

  • 5 weeks of "project"-oriented skills-building in office automation and code;
  • A "fictitious" company in which learners acquire professional skills and Soft Skills linked to their professional project;
  • A unique project that mobilizes volunteers, learners and speakers from partner companies around socio-professional inclusion!

On the program for this new session: 

  • The introduction of contributions from employees involved in skills sponsorship, who will come and talk about their profession and their company;
  • A new company scenario emphasizing exchanges between the different groups of learners;
  • A brand-new venue, spacious, practical and convivial, to welcome the learners and the closing day, which we hope will be unforgettable!

We're counting on your help to make this great project a success! 
The year 2023 draws to a close!

The money will be used for

The funds raised will enable Konexio to cover the costs of training beneficiaries. This involves paying the trainers and teams in charge of the project, purchasing computer equipment and renting training rooms.
Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunities are not. Let's change that.
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