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100000 Entrepreneurs believes that the best way to pass on the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire for young people to take charge of their lives, to enable them to project themselves and think about their future, and to open up the field of possibilities to them, is to have those who carry out projects on a daily basis testify. The idea is to show them that there is no such thing as fatality based on gender, origin or place of residence. That there is no typical path or royal road to becoming a player in your own life.


100000 Entrepreneurs facilitates and organizes free, interactive testimonials from professionals in schools and out-of-school settings throughout the school year.

2 formats are offered: 
- Individual format (one professional in a class, 2h)
- Collective format (several professionals for several classes, 2h)

5 key success factors are:
- a digital networking platform;
- a regional facilitator;
- an acute knowledge of the regional economic fabric;
- a long-standing partnership with the Nantes academy;
- prior training given to teachers and speakers.

Renewal of partnership agreement with Académie de Nantes
Renewal of partnership agreement with Académie de Nantes
🌞 Did you know that...

Since the opening of the
100,000 Entrepreneurs Branch of the Pays de la Loire Region in 2012, more than 86,000 young people have had Entrepreneurs in their classes! WOW, that's dizzying!

Friday March 22, 2024, right in the middle of our operations #SEF24, 100,000 Entrepreneurs and the Académie de Nantes have renewed for the 4th time their Partnership Agreement for the Pays-de-la-Loire region, at MANITOU Group, a long-standing regional partner.
This morning was punctuated by the presence of Katia Béguin, Rectrice de l'académie, Béatrice Viannay-Galvani our Déléguée Générale and Florian de Gélis, Manitou's DRH. It was the perfect opportunity to meet and reaffirm our desire to work together to bring the worlds of education and business ever closer together.
This event was also marked by the visit of young people from the Lycée LPO Joubert Maillard (Ancenis), who were able to visit the site and hear from female intrapreneurs about their career paths. 

A big thank you for your support!!
The 100,000 Entrepreneurs team
Launch of "Mois Quartiers" 2023 in Pays de la Loire
Launch of "Mois Quartiers" 2023 in Pays de la Loire
Dear Captains,

Every year for the past 8 years, during the months of November and December, we highlight one of our key focuses: fostering equal opportunities for all. This year in Pays de la Loire, the launch of our Entrepreneurship Awareness Months in the neighborhoods took place on November 20, 2023 at the Nantes Prefecture. The sumptuous Salle des Audiences welcomed 50 4th graders from Collège Pierre Norange in St Nazaire's cité éducative. These young people had the chance to hear inspiring speeches by the Secretary General of the Prefecture, Mr Pascal OTHEGUY, and the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Urban Affairs, Ms Sabrina Agresti-Roubache, both of whom grew up in the neighborhoods. They then spent an hour and a half talking to 5 entrepreneurs from a wide range of backgrounds, who shared with them inspiring messages of perseverance. Through their testimonials, these schoolchildren were able to identify with local success stories.

This event also took place simultaneously in 14 other French towns in Metropolitan France and the French Overseas Departments and Territories.

Thank you for your support, which enables us, each year, to bring more and more young people in the Loire Valley closer to the world of business!

The whole 100,000 Entrepreneurs team wishes you a very happy festive season!

The money will be used for

Regional subsidies are dropping considerably. Thanks to donations, the 100,000 Entrepreneurs action will be able to endure and continue its progression at regional level in the years to come and reach all young people in the Loire.

Thus, 50% will go towards paying the animator, 30% towards improving the platform, 20% towards massive communication.

325 euros = 1 class sensitized
1625 euros = 1 class level (5 classes) sensitized
156,000 euros = 12,000 Ligériens sensitized (480 testimonials)

15 € = 1 young awareness

already funded
19 difts
Why we love it?

At a time when more and more young people are looking for their place in society, 100000 Entrepreneurs aims to break down their mental barriers so that they can dream big and take charge of their own destiny, by introducing them to role-models and atypical career paths.

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