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Why we love it?

Enactus is the reference association when it comes to social entrepreneurship for young people: a wonderful way to create many solutions to today's problems!

The project

Enactus helps young people develop the power to act in favor of ecological and social transition. By setting up entrepreneurial projects on issues that affect them, students develop essential skills for their personal, professional and civic lives.
planetary limits
out of 9 are outdated, leading to huge social, economic and democratic challenges.
young people
feel that their generation must change the world, but that they are not sufficiently prepared to do so.
of young people who have gone through Enactus say they feel they are agents of change


Enactus Etudiants is an educational program enabling students to experiment with social entrepreneurship as a means of action: they identify an issue that affects them (pollution, climate change, violence, health, poverty...), come up with a project idea, prototype it, test it, develop it and take action on their own scale. 

For example, Maxime and Stéphane, 21, wanted to help farmers make their organic transition. They came up with PourDemain, a social enterprise that distributes the produce of in-conversion farmers to supermarkets. Throughout the year, the students meet with professionals and present their projects at the end of the year.

Through this experience, the students blossom, gain confidence in themselves and in their ability to act on the world's issues, and develop numerous skills and an entrepreneurial posture that will be useful throughout their personal, professional and civic lives.

The money will be used for

  • Raise students' awareness of social and environmental issues via actions on campus and on social networks
  •  Create educational resources to help students take action
  •  Organize regional and national events for students to work collectively
  •  Make our actions known (communication) to students on campus
  •  Train and support civic service volunteers to provide peer-to-peer support to students
  •  Create new partnerships with campuses
Commitment isn't innate, it has to be learned. My dream is that every young person should have the chance to increase their power to act on the issues that affect them.
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Mélanie Sueur Sy
Managing Director Enactus France
Hauts-de-France, Île-de-France, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Grand Est, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitanie, Centre-Val de Loire, Bretagne, Pays de la Loire, Normandie, Pays de la Loire, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
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