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10 € = 1 young people educated about secularism
Why we love it?

At a time when living together is increasingly under threat, it's vital to take action like Coexister to restore cohesion and (re)learn to coexist in peace.


"Coexister à l'École" meets a need of many teachers who say they are overwhelmed and ill-equipped to tackle secularism.

According to a study carried out by IFOP in 2020,one teacher in two has already censured himself in his teaching of religious issues and secularism.

However, these subjects are part of the school curriculum, and are necessary to guarantee a quality civic education, conducive to living together.

Since 2009, Coexister has had its volunteers intervene in schools on these subjects. But with the growing number of requests, it's becoming essential to equip and train teachers directly to multiply our impact tenfold.


"Coexister à l'École" is a turnkey tool designed to meet the needs of teachers. Based on Coexister's 14 years of experience in schools, it is produced at the request of the teachers we meet every year in 400 schools. It will be supplemented by training and support from the Coexister team. 

Designed for use in the classroom, the kit aims to help teachers foster a better understanding of secularism.

Training is offered free of charge to make it easy to get started.

The money will be used for

The main items of expenditure are:
- the recruitment of a person in charge of designing the teaching tool and accompanying the teachers;
- the digital software used to design the kit and distribute it.
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