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Faced with the alarming disappearance of farmland in France, the mission of the Fondation Terre de Liens is to preserve our agricultural heritage over the very long term. To achieve this, it supports volunteer farmers in becoming active players in the preservation and restoration of biodiversity by multiplying biodiversity actions on Terre de Liens farms.
implement biodiversity-friendly actions: changes in farming practices, creation or restoration of agro-ecological infrastructure, etc.


Biodiversity is facing erosion on an unprecedented scale. In less than half a century, wild vertebrate populations have declined alarmingly, with an average decrease of 69% worldwide, affecting mammals, birds and reptiles. This decline also extends to our fields: in France, almost 40% of birds in agricultural areas have disappeared in just 30 years, and the same dynamic is observed for insects. 

The Fondation Terre de Liens aims to: 

- Accompany volunteer farmers so that they become players in the preservation and restoration of biodiversity by multiplying biodiversity actions on Terre de Liens farms;
- Participate in the emergence of communities of exchange between Terre de Liens and non-Terre de Liens farmers on the theme of biodiversity ;
- Pursue its mission of popular education by involving citizens in the realization of participatory workcamps on Terre de Liens farms;
- Create bridges between environmental protection actors and agricultural actors;
- Strengthen/develop advocacy on how to integrate biodiversity into agriculture.

NEXT 10 YEARS! the metamorphosis of the ferme des Usages
NEXT 10 YEARS! the metamorphosis of the ferme des Usages
In July 2014, Foncière Terre de Liens bought the Usages farm in Loury to enable the installation of Annelies RENNER (beekeeping) and Julien THUREL (arboriculture and cider). Respectively chemists and forestry technicians, their choice of farming was a conscious one. Ten years on, their success is evident.

The previous farmer, initially a cattle breeder, had switched to cereal growing. After his death, the farm was to be sold in lots, but thanks to Terre de Liens and the SAFER, the dismemberment was avoided. Everything had to be created: honey house, winery and 14 hectares of orchards. With participatory workcamps, they planted 2,500 trees of ancient species.

The beginnings were difficult, but the transformations co-financed with La Foncière (honey house, thermo-regulated hangar, housing above the winery) have improved their living conditions. They prioritized technical investments to improve their work: royal jelly, honey processing, and cider and perry making.
Faced with droughts and rising temperatures, Julien had to invest in irrigation. They now diversify their production with juices, balsamic and cormé vinegars. Their success is based on realism, tenacity and skill, despite the vagaries of the climate and the economy.

This is a success story based on realism, tenacity and skill, accompanied by the quality of organic produce, even if the vagaries of the climate and the economy bring uncertainties. So, in 2023, Annelies, finally had a good harvest after 2 very mediocre and discouraging years.
Launch of work and collection at Mas St Joseph
Launch of work and collection at Mas St Joseph
Friday December 2 in Avignon, some 50 farmers, elected officials, local partners, media and citizens gathered in front of the Mas St Joseph building around a buffet of fine local produce following an invitation from the project's partners: the Paysans d'Avignon association, the Des pieds et des mains agricultural SCOP and Terre de Liens. It was an opportunity to toast the progress made collectively over the past 2 years, culminating in the launch of work on the farmhouse, which will soon house a producers' store, a platform for grouping produce for delivery to the catering industry, and farm sheds. And to announce the Terre de Liens savings campaign currently underway for this farm. A great moment of conviviality, now let's meet for the inauguration of the store next year!

The money will be used for

To improve the way in which biodiversity is taken into account in agriculture, Terre de Liens has planned several phases:
  • On Terre de Liens farms: Support for 75 farms by carrying out biodiversity diagnostics and work. The diagnoses will lead to two types of recommendations: modification of farming practices (late mowing, modification of grazing schedule and route) and creation/restoration of agroecological infrastructures. 
  • In the territories : The creation of exchange communities between farmers will enable Terre de Liens and non-Terre de Liens farmers to meet at a local level. The aim is to create nuclei of committed farmers who are changing their practices to integrate the conservation of living organisms. These networks will enable peers to share their experiences.
  • At national level
    • The development of advocacy will enable us to impact public policy by drawing on the examples carried out on our farms to preserve biodiversity. 
    • We will also develop training actions, such as webinars, to highlight important issues and innovative solutions. We have decided to dedicate this year 2024 to biological life and soil fertility, which are closely linked to biodiversity conservation. 

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Terre de Liens fights throughout France to preserve peasant farming and prevent the artificialization of land. Given the importance of our farmers and farmland, we can only thank them for their unwavering commitment to defending organic peasant farming!

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