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Playful breaks for sick children

With 50 €,
L'ENVOL finances:
1 half-day(s) of respite for a sick child


"L'ENVOL is a double challenge, medical and human. The aim of the stays is above all to rbreak the infernal circle of illness : the marginalization and isolation to which seriously ill children fall victim, to give them a change of scenery, to experience the joys of relaxation, carefree fun, games with friends... In just a few days, L'ENVOL restores their self-confidence, the desire to live and the strength to fight. The message every child takes away with them after their stay is "I'm capable, I can do it, I can conquer my fears "." 

Christina Tézenas du Montcel, co-founder of L'ENVOL


L'ENVOL welcomes seriously ill children, aged 6 to 17, suffering from various pathologies (cancers, rare diseases, chronic illnesses...) to its multipathology stays, free of charge, who enjoy a truce from illness and take part in adapted, varied and fun activities.Supervised by recruited and trained volunteers, including doctors and nurses, sick children become children again, gaining in autonomy and resilience, and their caregivers benefit from respite time. They learn about the stays via a network of 72 partner hospitals, which identify children in the weary phase of illness.
L'ENVOL primary
L'ENVOL secondary

Recent result

For 25 years, 23000 sick children and caregivers have regained strength and confidence at L'ENVOL!!

L'ENVOL has organized more than 200 staysand designed 3 new programs to meet their needs in hospital or on a daily basis. L'ENVOL has become an expert in supporting sick children and their caregivers.

The money will be used for

Each donation guarantees the free stays, unique in France for sick children and their families! Transport, medical supervision, catering, adapted activities... So many complex arrangements to be made to welcome this vulnerable public on residential stays, for whom going to summer camp is usually unthinkable!


In 2023, L'ENVOL aims to support more than 6,000 beneficiaries through its stays and other programs, and to deploy its hospital-based actions outside the Île-de-France region. 
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