Colivings for young working people with and without mental disabilities

Fratries Rennes open! update

Fratries Rennes open!

Hello everyone,
This is it, Fratries Rennes has gradually opened its doors and the coliving has been fully booked since January 2024! 
In this completely renovated and equipped coliving, 13 active young people including 7 with mental disabilities or autistic disorders are happily living together, accompanied by Joseph, the house manager, social and shared life facilitator but also job coach for the young people with disabilities. He works in close collaboration with William, Déborah, Cyndia and Léna, the carers who take turns every day to help these young people become more independent.Rapidly, the roommates have developed a close bond and, as in any other shared apartment, they share lots of good times and learn from each other!
Thank you to all our sponsors, who have made it possible for Fratries Rennes to open its doors. 
Together, we can participate in a more inclusive society.

Fratries Rennes: development in progress! update

Fratries Rennes: development in progress!

First of all, thank you to all those who have decided to support us and to those who are interested in Fratries!
Some news about Fratries Rennes: this coliving that, by January 2024,  will welcome 13 young working people, half of whom are mentally handicapped or have autistic disorders.
After a good year's work, the house is currently being fitted out. We're proud to have the support of numerous volunteers who have not hesitated to lend us a hand in assembling the furniture and installing the decor.
The disabled housemates, who have been co-constructing this shared living project for 18 months, can't wait to put down their suitcases in the house. At the same time, places are still available for young working people from Rennes who would like to move into this great house and share a wonderful human adventure. Don't hesitate to contact Joseph, head of Fratries Rennes, for more information: [email protected].

Fratries Rennes à la rentrée update

Fratries Rennes à la rentrée

Même pendant les vacances, les travaux chez Fratries Rennes ont bien avancé ! 
Située à 2 pas de la place des Lices à Rennes, la maison se prépare peu à peu à recevoir 13 colocataires, dont 6 porteurs de handicap ou de troubles du spectre autistique. 
Animés par Joseph, responsable de maison, les ateliers de co-construction se poursuivent avec les futurs colocataires en situation de handicap et leurs aidants, afin qu'ils puissent définir ensemble le projet de vie partagée au sein de Fratries. 
Depuis 2022, début des travaux, mais aussi des ateliers de co-construction, les colocs n'ont qu'une hâte : que les travaux se terminent afin de pouvoir poser leurs valises à Fratries Rennes ! 
Et aujourd'hui ? 
 - Les différents espaces de la maison se dessinent. Les futures chambres sont déjà presque finies et bientôt débutera l’agencement de la cuisine. 
- La pose des sols et la peinture sont en cours. 
- La maison devient très lumineuse et les travaux avancent bien ! 
On peut aujourd'hui envisager un emménagement pour début 2024 ! 

Fratries Rennes: July news! update

Fratries Rennes: July news!

As a reminder, Fratries Rennes will accommodate 13 young people in coliving, including 6 with disabilities or autism spectrum disorders, in a large building in the hypercentre of Rennes (near Place des Lices). 
Since February 2022, the future roommates with disabilities and their caregivers have been meeting regularly to co-construct their social and shared life project alongside Fratries.
Joseph, who lives in an adjacent apartment with his family, is the house manager, the animator of the shared life who will accompany them on a daily basis to gain in autonomy, in close collaboration with life companions, employed by a local SAAD (Service d'Aide et d'Accompagnement à Domicile). Joseph is also their "job coach" to enable them to integrate professionally, in line with their talents! 
Since 2022, major work has been underway to fit out this comfortable coliving and enable them to have large shared spaces, but also each their own room with private bathroom/WC. 

And today?
> The plasterboard has been laid, the rooms have gradually taken shape and are currently being painted! 
> The seated dogs have been installed in the attic, totally transforming the top floor, which is now very bright. Renovation of the bedrooms on this floor is also underway. 
> After the work on the upper floors, the living rooms are currently being renovated (addition of velux windows in the future living room, insulation, plasterboard...).
The progress of the work means that we can envisage Fratries Rennes opening by the end of the year, following the assembly of furniture and fittings that will precede the future housemates moving in! Thank you all for your support in making this project a reality!

Thanks to your donations, work on the Fratries house in Rennes is progressing well. update

Thanks to your donations, work on the Fratries house in Rennes is progressing well.

The future housemates are due to move in in September. Depending on the progress of the work, the house will open its doors before the end of the year for sure!  
Since February 2022, a group of 6 young people with disabilities and their carers have begun meeting in Rennes alongside Fratries to co-construct their social and shared life project: Vianney, Anne-Emmanuelle, Robin, Fabian, Claire and Alexandre! 
Two buildings with a total surface area of 340 m2 and an adjacent family apartment have been secured by Fratries in the hypercentre of Rennes.
Since mid-May 2022, major work has begun to fit out:
- a 13-room coliving facility, including 6 rooms for young people with mental disabilities 
- an independent apartment for the employee (and family) accompanying the disabled young people. 
The foundation stone was laid on November 16 at an evening inauguration with the project partners.
And today?
In March 2023, the structural work phase is underway: major work has been carried out on the roof with the installation of smoke extraction frames (new velux windows) to ensure the safety of the house, plumbing networks are being laid, masonry work is underway to prepare for the future arrival of the plasterer, and around 90% of the structural reinforcements have been completed.
The coliving will open in the 4th quarter of 2023 and we'll be able to welcome our 13 roommates thanks to you! 

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