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Coral Guardian

Coral Guardian

Mediterranean corals restored

With 15 €,
Coral Guardian finances:
2 neat coral plan(s)
12,381 €15,000 €
717 Captains


In the Punta de la Mona Special Area of Conservation, several species of cold-water coral are uniquely present, such as the chandelier coral. This coral is of key ecological importance, as it serves as a refuge for many species of fish. Thanks to its rich biodiversity, the ecological value of the area is inestimable.

However, the region is threatened by human activities: pollution and the many abandoned fishing nets are having a particular impact on the corals, and the seabed is being damaged (hundreds of broken corals and a severely degraded ecosystem).


This coral restoration project has multiple benefits for the entire ecosystem. As many marine species depend directly or indirectly on them for reproduction, food, or shelter, corals are the foundation of a healthy ecosystem. In fact, areas with cold-water coral ecosystems host 29 times more life than areas without corals.

Actions carried out include (on an ongoing basis) seabed clean-ups, restoration actions for cold-water corals, as well as awareness programs for local communities to protect the ecosystems.
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Recent result

The project has already enabled the cleaning of + 570 kg of underwater waste (from 30 to 50m depth) and the restoration of + 420 damaged corals within 3 nurseries (convalescence zone for damaged corals, where the team cleans and monitors their growth). Over 950 people have also been educated locally.

The money will be used for

To cover expenses related to underwater restoration (boat hire, diving gas, bioepoxy tools and material) and awareness-raising, as well as to cover the salary of the association's project manager.


Expected impact: 900+ care provided to corals implanted on nurseries, 280 corals replanted on seabeds and 900+ kg of waste removed from seabeds.
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