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Pure Ocean

Pure Ocean

Innovative research programs to preserve the ocean

With 5 €,
Pure Ocean finances:
1 30L bag(s) of waste collected
30,241 €50,000 €
3161 Captains


The ocean is the largest space available to life on Earth. Yet 250 kg of plastic is dumped into it every second. Plastics and microplastics are a real scourge for the environment, having a real impact on wildlife. Many species are poisoned by ingesting microplastics every day.

Pure Ocean prioritizes critical environmental issues with one overriding criterion: impact.

The aim is to prevent 300,000 liters of waste from ending up in the ocean while funding research programs.


Through La Goutte Bleue kits (a 30-liter Made in France collection bag made from seaweed), Pure Ocean funds scientific research projects on ocean protection.

The ocean is damaged by plastic pollution but also by other pollution, overfishing, global warming and other scourges.

Pure Ocean funds research programs to preserve marine life and innovate solutions to these problems. In 4 years, 22 scientific projects have been supported.
Pure Ocean primary
Pure Ocean secondary

Recent result

Thanks to Pure Ocean, 114,000 liters of waste were collected in 1 year.

The MicroPOW research project funded by Pure Ocean is studying the biological consequences of microplastic on the health of wildlife.

The SPO-PLASTIC research project has demonstrated that marine sponges have the ability to extract up to 30% of microplastics suspended in the water column and that they process compounds more or less well depending on the type of plastic.

The money will be used for

The funds raised will be used to fund new research projects, linked to the fight against pollution. This research can lead to solutions with a positive impact on ocean health, and therefore also on human health. 


Pure Ocean would like to be able to fund a greater number of projects to generate ever more impact.
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