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Working with all and for all - that's the heart of the Planète Mer project! By working hand-in-hand with local populations, scientists and fishermen, the "coral gardeners" are arming themselves with the most precious knowledge for preserving and restoring coral reefs in Indonesia.

The project

Restoring 1,000 m² of coral reefs in a disaster zone in Indonesia
48 000
corals transplanted to restored Yaf Keru reefs by February 19, 2024
is the total surface area of coral reefs actively restored, but also the equivalent surface area of healthy reefs protected by these restoration actions.
jobs created by local community members


Yaf Keru is an ambitious local development program, in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, around the protection and restoration of 3 to 5 ha of coral reefs by the end of 2025. The rehabilitation of 1 ha of coral reefs damaged by dynamite fishing should restore numerous fishing resources in the first year of the project.

The project should enable "coral gardeners" to take hold of the socio-economic value of coral reefs and the undeniable link between the health of the reefs and their communities by providing them with competitive wages.

2024 !! But where is YAF KERU?
An update is in order for the YAF KERU program supported by Planète Mer in collaboration with The Sea People!!
The Yaf Keru program aims to restore up to 5 hectares of coral reefs destroyed by dynamite and cyanide fishing practices.

At Raja Ampat in Indonesia, field teams have now restored 1.5 ha of reefs corallian accounting for 47,556 corals transplanted since 2016, and representing 130 coral phenotypes divided into some 30 genera. The work is becoming increasingly effective, with almost half of the transplants having been carried out in the last 6 months.   
That's a third of the objectives in terms of restored surface area achieved by 2023! 

A total of 460 dives have been carried out by members of The Sea People on site. Their method? Stabilize the substrate with galvanized mesh, then transplant healthy coral fragments recovered from the ground because they had been detached from their colony. This nature-based solution, harmless to both the environment taken and the receiving environment, thus helps maintain the exceptional diversity of Raja Ampat's coral colonies. 

                     Yaf Keru has many more surprises in store for 2024! 
18 € ꓿ 1m² of reef restored + 1m² of additional reef protected
Your help is precious, thank you for your support!!!   
2024 !! But where is YAF KERU?
Protecting Coral Reefs
YAF KERU "Coral Garden" is an ambitious local development program, in Indonesia, around the protection and restoration of 5 ha of coral reefs over the next 3 years.

Coral reefs are considered to be the world's richest ecosystems in terms of biodiversity. The health of the oceans, but also of the people who live in them, depends on their good health.                       

The main objective of YAF KERU is to restore these reefs in a particularly resilient area, placing local populations at the heart of the action in a sustainable manner. 
The program underwent a pilot phase between 2016 and 2020 that tested, demonstrated the feasibility of restoration and demonstrated its ecological and social impact on the area.                                                                 
Since mid-2023, it has entered a phase of accelerating its impact by extending the number of hectares restored and multiplying the number of sites.                                                                                         
 Coral reefs are restored by local "Coral Gardeners", using coral fragments that are cut and attached to submerged metal structures in key areas. By restoring and stabilizing the substrate at the top of the slope, we prevent the reef at the bottom from being buried by dead coral and coral debris.                                                                                     

By  restoring 1ha on the upper part, it's at least 1 hectare protected on the lower part.  
                                                                                                                    YAF KERU is co-sponsored by The Sea people, the local association in charge of the project's field deployment, and Planète Mer scientific communications and background research partner.

18 € ꓿ 1m² reef restored + 1m² additional reef protected

              Your help is precious, thank you for your support!!   

Protecting Coral Reefs

The money will be used for

The amount raised will be used to purchase the necessary diving equipment and pay the coral gardeners in the villages located on the project in Raja Ampat, Indonesia.
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