A holiday to help young girls gain self-confidence

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Why we love it?

Being assertive and combative on the pitch means learning to be assertive and combative in life: Graines de Footballeuses is a real confidence booster for many talented young women!

The project

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Graines de footballeuses organizes a free educational and sporting stay, with the aim of creating a positive, inspiring and inclusive learning environment for a group of 20 young girls aged 10 to 14, from priority urban neighborhoods.
of girls don't feel confident in their daily lives
of girls aged 11-17 don't do enough sport
of teenage girls give up sport


The association would like to offer a free stay to 20 young girls in July 2024. This is an innovative summer camp that aims to boost self-confidence, open up the field of possibilities and encourage empowerment for young girls, using soccer as a powerful catalyst for personal development.

On the program:

1 - Football sessions : Participants will have the chance to have daily soccer sessions led by qualified supervisors, who will make it a point of honor to provide a healthy and caring framework for practice.

2 - Self-confidence workshops: A variety of workshops will be organized to encourage speaking to give all the girls at the camp, the tools to build a clear and intelligible speech.

3 - Exchanges with professionals and support classes: Participants will meet and exchange with professionals from various fields to draw inspiration from their backgrounds and broaden their vision of the world, while promoting social and cultural inclusion. They will also receive support classes in French and science.

4 - Sports outings: Group activities will strengthen bonds between participants,
and also enable girls to discover new sports and activities, such as hiking, accrobranche or canoeing.

5 - Exploring a new territory: Educational workshops to explore the host region, fostering exchanges with local actors.

The money will be used for

Your donations will be used to finance the association's main expenses: 
  • Gîte privatization 
  • Children's group catering 
  • Transportation 
  • Supervisory team salaries 
  • Extrasport activities 
Today's young players will make tomorrow's society fairer and more egalitarian.
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Pauline Le Mouellic
Founder and Managing Director
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