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Graines de Footballeuses

Graines de Footballeuses

Soccer to boost girls' confidence

Women rightsÎle-de-France
With 200 €,
Graines de Footballeuses finances:
1 license(s) for a young player in France
602 €5,000 €
22 Captains


Football may be the world's most universal sport, but it's not the most accessible. Many people have to give up playing for financial reasons, or for whom club football comes at the price of many sacrifices.

When it comes to women, the barriers are already numerous. When a young girl plucks up the courage to face up to prejudice and assert herself on a soccer pitch, there's still one final barrier to overcome: the financial one.


Graines de Footballeuses has decided to help young people overcome this final barrier! Through all their actions, they help young girls gain self-confidence on the soccer pitch, but also on all the pitches to which they have difficult access. By paying for the licenses of deserving young players, the association finally gives them full access to practice. By supporting them as best it can in the face of every obstacle they face as young soccer players, the association is helping to make it truly universal.
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Recent result

In two years, the association has already supported nearly 350 young people aged 3 to 17 on 5 different programs, on and off the field.

The money will be used for

The money raised will be used exclusively to pay for the licenses of deserving players, i.e. €5,000 to support 25 young people per year.


The goal this year is to successfully accompany 25 young people in their practice, by covering the cost of their license.
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