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The "Job dans la Ville" program enables young men and women from Sport dans la Ville to discover the world of work and receive support in their integration. They have access to a wide range of services, including CV and cover letter preparation, mock interviews, job cafés, company visits and much more... To maximize their chances of success, they are offered 4 different support paths, depending on their age and needs.
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The Job dans la Ville program was created in 2007, to help young people find their way into training and employment.

This free program enables 2,500 young people to be accompanied by an integration manager and a sponsor throughout the year, both in their professional orientation and in their access to training or employment. 

Sport dans la Ville youngsters carry the Olympic flame!
Sport dans la Ville youngsters carry the Olympic flame!
The flame arrived in Marseille on May 8 aboard the majestic Belem! 
Two young people followed by Sport dans la Ville then had the chance to cross the city of Marseille carrying the Olympic flame, and then attend a concert by Soprano and Alonzo (along with several other young people invited by our partner Coca Cola). 
A memorable moment that Manel and Tanguy will remember for a long time, we wanted to share some beautiful images and their feelings: 
"It was unforgettable a very good time! What's more, it was very well organized and there was an incredible security perimeter. 
I had tears in my eyes when I saw my daughter Manel go by with the torch. 
And I accompanied her the whole time, it was really great. 
The organizers were really great! Nothing to say: we spent 2 intense and unforgettable days. 
If you live it enjoy it to the full ☺️" Mother of Manel 
"It is incredible I must have taken 200 photos with people. 
Bringing the flame to your town with the whole town coming out for us, it's something though. 
It's all kiff ." Tanguy 

"It was amazing, I had to do photos with people too. 
It's totally like I'm a celebrity 😂. 
So it's the big day of carrying the flame and frankly I've enjoyed these two days too much. 
A big thank you to sport dans la ville, to you, to Coca Cola, to the organizers and sponsors! 😊✨"  Manel 
Young people from Grenoble meet the people of Marseilles
Young people from Grenoble meet the people of Marseilles
"Passe décisive" is Sport dans la ville's nationwide program to help young people who have missed out on training and employment. Committed teams accompany these young people on a daily basis, and links are forged between towns. For example, the young people in Grenoble came to meet their Mediterranean counterparts.    
The program included a sports session, a mobility workshop and a visit to the Société des Eaux de Marseille. All of these activities helped to forge links and address key issues relating to professional integration. 

The money will be used for

- "Job interview preparation"
- "Confidence and leadership" mini-stays for girls
- Personalized coaching sessions

5 € = 1 week of individual follow-up for a young person

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Why we love it?

This association, which has a nationwide presence, seeks out young people in difficulty as close as possible to their homes, on sports fields, to help them find their way back into society with an innovative and comprehensive approach.

"What's essential is opening up to the world, to other people. Social diversity means getting out of one's neighborhood. And taking a young person into the world of work is also a way of meeting the objective of social diversity."
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