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Sport dans la Ville

Sport dans la Ville

Integration through sport

InsertionProvence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
With 12 €,
Sport dans la Ville finances:
1 young person(s) accompanied for 1 day
2,805 €15,000 €
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Involved for over 20 years in helping young people from priority neighborhoods find training and employment, Sport dans la Ville has recently developed a new program called "Passe Décisive" to enable young people who are a long way off to return to employment or training.

The Sport dans la Ville association has been present in Marseille since 2019 with the creation of soccer and basketball pitches in the Frais-Vallon and Consolat-Mirabeau neighborhoods. Today, these pitches support 250 young people in their sports activities and 150 young people in their professional integration. 


Through its program "Passe Décisive", the association is developing an intensive course in Marseille, "l'accélérateur", which enables 15 young people in precarious situations and from Marseille's priority neighborhoods  to regain physical activity and the path to training and employment in 12 weeks. It takes place in three phases:
- Getting involved collectively and individually;
- Getting to know oneself better, developing skills, choosing and projecting oneself on a path to integration;
- Validating one's professional project, preparing for integration into employment or training.

Which lead to the following goals: 
- Promote the acquisition of social and professional skills;
- Remove obstacles to integration;
- Initiate reflection on a professional project, validate it and define the steps involved;
- Integrate training or employment.
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Recent result

Since the launch of the Passe Décisive pathway in 2019, 360 young people have been able to benefit from individualized support via the "gas pedal."

The money will be used for

The amount raised will help finance the main costs of the "gas pedal", namely: workshop speakers, sports educators' salaries, organization of the remobilization mini-break...


With this project, Sport dans la Ville hopes to give 15 young people in dropout situations the desire to return to training or a lasting job.
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