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Les Enfants de la Balle

Les Enfants de la Balle

Inclusion of disabled children in sports clubs

With 40 €,
Les Enfants de la Balle finances:
1 starter kit(s) for a volunteer helper (T-shirt, sweatshirt, armband)
123 €20,000 €
1237 Captains


At the start of the 2022 school year, more than 430,000 children with disabilities are enrolled in schools. But very few practice a sport

Often, schools don't plan sports classes for them. As for parents, they're afraid to enroll their child in a club for fear of how others will look at them. The result is:
- social isolation for children with disabilities;
- health problems, often obesity;
- difficulties integrating into society, studying and finding a job.


Created in 2017 by the 3 founders, parents of children with disabilities, the association les Enfants de la Balle accompanies sports clubs to enable these children to play a sport in a club in their neighborhood, in a situation of normality.

The association brings its methodology of inclusion. Its strong point is to have the child play with a "volunteer helper" who accompanies, encourages and stimulates him/her, and acts as a link with the coach and the other children in the group. It's like the AVS at school (Assistant de Vie Scolaire). Progress is magical!
Les Enfants de la Balle primary
Les Enfants de la Balle secondary

Recent result

Les Enfants de la Balle today supports 50 sports clubsprincipally located in the Hauts-de-France region.
150 children with disabilities are included in these clubs and are making extraordinary progress. They are gaining in autonomy and sociability, thanks to inclusion that enables interaction with other children.

The money will be used for

Launching clubs towards inclusion with a club start-up kit:
- Communication materials: metal posters and flyers;
- Team awareness workshops;
- Volunteer caregiver training + sportswear;
- Child's birthday, gift and medals;
- Connecting families and clubs.


L'association les Enfants de la Balle hopes to raise €20,000, which will enable it to support 20 new sports clubs and include 40 children with disabilities (an average of 2 children per club) over the course of 2023.
Launching an inclusive club costs €1,000: €500 for awareness-raising and communication, and €500 for the volunteer-helper (training, outfit).
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