Inclusion of disabled children in sports clubs

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Why we love it?

Disabled children dream of entering the mainstream and being treated like everyone else: enabling them to join their local sports club by training them to do so, means giving them access to the most common of activities, and thus taking a real step towards inclusion.

The project

Helping disabled children play sports in a mainstream environment
extraordinary children
included in mainstream sport by the end of 2023.
clubs sportifs
will be awarded the "Sport Inclusif des Enfants de la Balle" label by the end of 2023.
are represented.


Created in 2017 by the 3 founders, parents of children with disabilities, the association les Enfants de la Balle accompanies sports clubs to enable these children to play a sport in a club in their neighborhood, in a situation of normality.

The association brings its methodology of inclusion. Its strong point is to have the child play with a "volunteer helper" who accompanies, encourages and stimulates him/her, and acts as a link with the coach and the other children in the group. It's like the AVS at school (Assistant de Vie Scolaire). Progress is magical!

New "extra-ordinary" children welcomed to our inclusive clubs
Dear donors, dear friends,

Here's some news about the sports clubs that have joined the Sport Inclusif des Enfants de la Balle community since September 2023:
- 3 children and an Aidant de Vie Sportive, AVS, will start classes at Avenir Bondues Basket Club (59) after the February 2024 vacations.
- 10 children with special needs or disabilities are already part of Basket Club d'Escaudœuvres (59). Some don't need an AVS and are independent, others need help, the association takes care of them!"
- At Lomme Basket Club, 1 child will start sessions at the beginning of March 2024.
- We're in contact with the PRH du Nord, Pôle Ressources Handicap, to help Cercle d'Escrime de Roubaix (59) find a child to include.
- For Sport Athlétique Mérignacais (33), several children are waiting to be included and we're looking for AVSs. If you know any volunteers willing to give 1h30 of their time per week, please contact us! [email protected]

And since January 2024, 6 new clubs have joined us: Club Nautique de Barneville (50), Stade Multisports de Montrouge (92), Badminton Club de Lezennes (59), Taekwondo Club Villeneuvois (59), Ride On Lille (59) and Raquette de Villeneuve d'Ascq (59).

Thank you all, it's thanks to you that more than 200 "extra-ordinary" children can blossom and make friends!
New "extra-ordinary" children welcomed to our inclusive clubs
New inclusive clubs for back-to-school 2023
9 sports clubs have joined the Enfants de la Balle association since the start of the September 2023 school year. They have decided to welcome at least one disabled child into their structure, with the support of a volunteer helper, a referent adult who will support and help the child progress on the pitch, every week.

We are therefore delighted to have formed a partnership with :
- l'Avenir Bondues Basket Club 
- le Basket Club d'Escaudœuvres 
- le Championnet Sports Paris 18ème
- le CJBB Le Cateau Basket
- le stade Roubaisien Basket
- l'USJC Rugby Paris
- le Lomme Basket Club
- le Cercle d'Escrime de Roubaix
- le SAM Omnisports - Sport Athlétique Mérignacais
New inclusive clubs for back-to-school 2023

The money will be used for

Launching clubs towards inclusion with a club start-up kit:
- Communication materials: metal posters and flyers;
- Team awareness workshops;
- Volunteer caregiver training + sportswear;
- Child's birthday, gift and medals;
- Connecting families and clubs.
There are inclusive schools and inclusive companies. Inclusive sport must be recognized for children with disabilities.
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