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Why we love it?

An ultra-dynamic team that takes an empowerment project to its roots, with a strong emphasis on sharing solutions, to ensure long-term impact.

The project

Inventing and manufacturing everyday solutions with disabled people
1 milliard
people with disabilities worldwide
do not have access to assistive technologies
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shared freely online since 2014
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My Human Kit runs a place open to all called "the Humanlab". People with disabilities are accompanied by volunteers and employees in the self-fabrication of a solution adapted to their needs, financially accessible and whose remanufacturing plans are freely shared

My Human Kit thus aims to defend and carry disability as a difference synonymous with richness and motivation, but also to promote the development of accessible solutions and develop the empowerment of people affected by disability.

🛠️ Three days of making and sharing for the disabled in Rennes
In Rennes, My Human Kit organized the Fabrikarium 2024 for 3 days. Guided by a disabled person who is an expert in his or her needs, and mixing creativity, digital fabrication and collective intelligence, 3 teams imagined and built several different solutions.

On the program: citizenship, reuse and learning for all, but also sharing and encounters!

 🧒 KIT EDUC: the team worked on 3 different sub-projects:

 ⛺ A sensory tent so that middle-schoolers in a school inclusion section who may have difficulty concentrating can refocus before returning to class for their lessons. The students chose sounds coming out of a loudspeaker and shades of light for the led garland installed on the tent's ceiling. The whole system is triggered by buttons whose evocative visuals were also chosen by the students (flame, fish, book...). Now it's time to assemble the tent. The tent will soon be installed on the college's premises.

🖌️ ✏️ A brush guide for Aboudou and a pencil guide for Dorian, who have limited fine motor skills, were modeled and then 3D printed to best suit their prehension abilities. They left with their prototypes.

 💬 A tablet holder for Antoine, who only communicates with it thanks to his one functional hand, was imagined. He'll be able to hold it against him when he's standing, use it when he passes someone he wants to talk to, and slide it behind his back when he's no longer using it. The prototype still needs to be finalized before it can be tested by Antoine.

 🫙 DISTRI VRAC: 2 different prototypes were made to meet Solène's need for a dry food dispenser, usable with just one hand, and made from recycled materials. They were then sent back to Solène's home to be tested in real-life conditions.

🛠️ Three days of making and sharing for the disabled in Rennes

The money will be used for

The funds raised will cover the working time of the project coordinator, who will support 3 people with disabilities in the self-fabrication of their solutions (high level of complexity) and the purchase of the materials needed to carry out their projects.
My Human Kit enables us to move from the status of being handicapped and everyone coming to help us to I have desires, I can do and I will find ways to act.
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