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My Human Kit

My Human Kit

Innovative and customized solutions for the disabled

With 35 €,
My Human Kit finances:
1 hour(s) of work on a 3D printing project
7,275 €10,000 €
668 Captains


Many technical and technological solutions that make daily life easier for people with disabilities are difficult to access financially and technically: either because they are too expensive, or because their manufacturing models are proprietary, or because they simply don't exist yet.

In addition, these solutions are often based on a logic of care and assistance that neither encourages acceptance nor empowers people to act.


My Human Kit runs a place open to all called "the Humanlab". People with disabilities are accompanied by volunteers and employees in the self-fabrication of a solution adapted to their needs, financially accessible and whose remanufacturing plans are freely shared

My Human Kit thus aims to defend and carry disability as a difference synonymous with richness and motivation, but also to promote the development of accessible solutions and develop the empowerment of people affected by disability.
My Human Kit primary
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Recent result

Since the Humanlab's inception in 2017, My Human Kit has invented, manufactured and shared with its members more than 150 solutionsfacilitating the daily lives of people with disabilities in various fields: housing and home automation, communication, games, sports and leisure, mobility, etc.

The money will be used for

The funds raised will cover the working time of the project coordinator, who will support 3 people with disabilities in the self-fabrication of their solutions (high level of complexity) and the purchase of the materials needed to carry out their projects.


The HumanLab's goal for 2023 is to accompany 30 people to invent, make and share their solutions and learn about digital fabrication. In this way, they participate in the life of a mixed-use, meeting place and reveal their capacity to act.
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