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Why we love it?

At a time when menstruation is still a taboo subject and 4 million women in France are unable to afford sanitary protection, Règles Élémentaires' action seems to us...elementary! The 3.5 million periodical products collected and distributed in 2023 enabled over 300,000 women to experience their periods with dignity.

The project

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Règles Élémentaires collects and redistributes menstrual protection for people in precarious situations, and raises awareness of the taboo surrounding menstruation, so that menstruation is never again an obstacle.
of people
people in France suffer from menstrual insecurity.
girls aged 11 to 18
of girls aged between 11 and 18 miss school every year because of their periods
periodical protection
have been collected and redistributed since the association was founded in 2015.


Every month in France, 4 million people are unable to afford period protection and live with dignity through their periods. 80% of young girls are stressed about having their period at school.

Menstruation and its consequences on the lives and health of millions of people remain a collective unthought, and this can no longer continue.

Règles Élémentaires collects and redistributes periodical protection to a network of over 1,000 partner associations throughout France. But to go further and fight the taboo, the association has developed concrete awareness-raising actions with interventions in schools (from CM1 to university) to give information where it is still absent and necessary. 

The association works daily to change laws via the organization of events, major awareness-raising campaigns and political mobilizations so that rules are never again a hindrance.

Cap sur 2024!
The year 2024 is already looking promising... And that's saying something, because 2023 has been rich in actions and achievements!

The association celebrated its 8th anniversary and we passed the 15 million protections collected mark since the association was founded. This represents 1,200,000 months of menstruation covered. And we don't intend to stop there, because at present, 4 million people are still in a situation of menstrual precariousness.

Our resolution for 2024? Talk about periods, everywhere, all the time!
Cap sur 2024!
Do you know what's in your sanitary pads?
Règles Élémentaires has redistributed over 15 million pads since its creation in 2015. These protections are indispensable to the 4 million people who are in menstrual precariousness today.
However, our association doesn't just work in the field, we're also committed to changing the rules more globally, and this involves lobbying public authorities to actually regulate the composition of periodical protection.

In fact, we don't know what's in these protections because manufacturers aren't obliged to list the composition on the packets. That's why, on May 28, we published a petition alongside the Fondation des Femmes and the Collectif Georgette Sand to ask formore transparency on the composition of periodical protection.The decree currently being prepared on the subject doesn't suit us: not clear or restrictive enough.

Today, the petition is approaching 20,000 signatures and the fight isn't over!  
Do you know what's in your sanitary pads?

The money will be used for

  • Store the collected pads in a storage room until they are redistributed
  • Finance logistical materials (bags, boxes, tape) 
  • Organize transport to redistribute the collected sanitary pads to partner structures throughout France 
  • Connect with new structures that need pads for their beneficiaries and, if necessary, train their teams on menstrual hygiene
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