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Règles élémentaires

Règles élémentaires

Sanitary products for all

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With 1 €,
Règles élémentaires finances:
50 protection collected and redistributed
3,312 €5,000 €
55 Captains


1.7 million women in France (almost 1 in 10 menstruating women)aren't able to afford sanitary product and therefore live their periods with dignity.

The reason for this is twofold: firstly, menstruation is expensive (around €15/month for sanitary products and painkillers); secondly, the subject remains taboo throughout society, and these products, though essential, are not made available to women who need them.


To provide a concrete response to this problem, Règles Élémentaires organizes sanitary products collections and redistributes them to a network of over 600 associations partners throughout France. At the same time, the association is working to get laws changed so that these protections are available wherever they are needed for women on the street or in precarious situations, students or even single parents.
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Recent result

In 2021,6.1 million sanitary pads were collectedand redistributed to women in precarious situations benefiting nearly 300,000 women. In 2022, RE collected 5,456,598 sanitary pads nationwide, including 150,494 in Île-de-France, benefiting 212,964 women and corresponding to 573,831 months of menstruation covered. 

The money will be used for

Sums raised will benefit the association's Paris branch and help finance logistical materials (bags, boxes, scotch tape) as well as its storage and delivery costs.


With €5,000, the Paris branch will be able to cover all its logistical costs, enabling the collection of 250,000 products and redistribution to over 12,000 women over the year.
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