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Les Audacieux et les Audacieuses

Les Audacieux et les Audacieuses

House of Diversity to welcome LGBT seniors

With 400 €,
Les Audacieux et les Audacieuses finances:
1 m2 of the Maison de la Diversité
1,210 €15,000 €
10 Captains


LGBT seniors suffer from reinforced social isolation and discrimination.
The population of LGBT people over the age of 60 is now estimated at around 1M people in France.
- 65% of LGBT seniors live alone.
- 90% have no children and few caregivers.
- 50% affirm that they do not declare their sexual orientation to healthcare professionals.
- The absence or rupture of family ties, the rejection of sexual orientation and/or gender identity are all causes of social isolation.
- The suicide rate of LGBT seniors is between 2 and 7 times higher than that of heterosexual seniors.

The challenge is to break the isolation and give seniors back the ability to make choices, to give them back hope and power so that they can continue to project themselves into the future.


La Maison de la Diversité is an inclusive, participatory habitat for isolated, autonomous or slightly frail elderly people without family support; a place and lifestyle chosen to respond to the social isolation associated with old age, where everyone is an actor in their own life course and which takes into account the issues of LGBTI+ seniors.
A Habitat consisting of:
- unfurnished individual housing for rent;
- shared guest rooms;
- student accommodation;
- communal living spaces open to the neighborhood.

A place and a way of life chosen:
- to respond to the social isolation linked to old age in general;
- based on a project of mutual aid and solidarity between neighbors around "aging well";
- where everyone is an actor in their own life course.
A project built on convictions:
- The social link: the key to aging well and maintaining autonomy
- The inclusive housing: a supportive, anti-speculation way of life, to look after your neighbors and age well at home without remaining isolated 
- The intergenerational solidarity: a mix of ages that is a source of inspiration, sharing and wealth 
- The openness to and about the environmentt: a choice for inclusion in the territory 
- The House of Diversity: a choice for living and preventing loss of autonomy
Les Audacieux et les Audacieuses primary
Les Audacieux et les Audacieuses secondary

Recent result

The building permit was validated in early December 2022, with favorable opinions from all the departments concerned, and more and more "applications" to become habitant.e are being received. The group is gradually being set up, with face-to-face and remote meetings to discuss the architectural project and their wishes. Finally, visits to shared habitats are organized and, of course, time is devoted to drafting the social and shared life project.

The money will be used for

Each €400 raised finances the equivalent of one square meter of the house. 


The goal is to open a dozen more homes within the next 10 years.
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