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Why we love it?

If "you are what you eat", then it's essential to know what you're eating accurately and exhaustively. Fortunately, Open Food Facts does just that!

The project

Open Food Facts is a citizens' initiative that builds transparency into food products, to improve people's knowledge and health and the environmental impact of products.
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Many consumers feel overwhelmed by the amount of information on food packaging: lengthy ingredient lists, mysterious additives to decipher, guarantees behind labels... 

By making food products transparent, Open Food Facts empowers everyone to make better choices for their health and that of our planet.

The money will be used for

For over 10 years, Open Food Facts has been unearthing earmarked funding for projects without too much difficulty. 

The challenge is that the permanent team spends a substantial amount of time animating the community, supporting manufacturers, and more generally maintaining and sustaining the commons. 

Captain Cause donations will be a precious resource to help us fund the association's day-to-day operations and be more serene about the future.
Food information must be public and open. Join the world's largest food database!
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