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255visually impaired people trained funded
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25 € = 1 visually impaired people trained
Why we love it?

In the digital age, it's important not to leave anyone behind. Thanks to c'cité, the blind and visually impaired of the Grand Est region can have access to digital tools and, in so doing, gain in autonomy and freedom!

The project

Through workshops on digital tools designed by and for the visually impaired, c'cité aims to bridge the digital divide and give everyone back the freedom to act for themselves, by promoting autonomy.
websites are accessible to the visually impaired
of people
in France are affected by a vision problem
of blind or partially sighted people are unemployed


Despite the law passed in February 2005 to impose accessibility for all, it's still impractical for a visually impaired person to use business software or navigate certain administrative sites, essential to a citizen's life, in complete autonomy. "Equality of rights and opportunities" sounds like a chimera, the opposite of the value of inclusion.

This exclusion is all the more stigmatizing in that it considerably reduces the number of people in employment, since visual impairment is considered to be the biggest obstacle to recruitment and/or job retention.

c'cité positions itself as a player in a Collective that respects the rights of everyone, while considering and respecting their individuality. In this way, c'cité makes its expertise available to its beneficiaries by offering training workshops in digital tools designed by and for the blind and visually impaired public. In this way, the association aims to reduce the digital divide and give everyone back their freedom of action on their own, without any dependence on any third party.

The money will be used for

- Enhance access to digital learning for the visually impaired;
- Promote their autonomy and freedom of action;
- Increase their employability and chances of getting a job;
- Help reduce inequalities;
- Contribute to their inclusion and well-being.
"The dematerialization of administrative procedures for all those who are far removed from digital technology is a real challenge for society, and helping these citizens is an obligation.
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Grand Est
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