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Impactful internships for underprivileged middle school students

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ViensVoirMonTaf finances:
1 3rd year internship(s)
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Priority education students, like all young people their age, are concerned by the issues of climate crisis and ecological transition, encountered in the course of their schooling and daily lives. Nevertheless, the ecological issues faced by these young people in working-class neighborhoods (access to healthy food, the fight against concrete encroachment, beautification and greening of neighborhoods, access to renovated, energy-efficient housing, etc.) are still barely audible in "mainstream" discourse on ecology.

In addition, the ecological transition is transforming today's professions in a lasting way, and will invent many of tomorrow's professions. This upheaval in the world of work must not be to the detriment of the working classes, but with them.


VVMT is convinced that the 3rd grade internship, which allows for a week of complete immersion in contact with everyday players in the ecological transition, is a powerful tool for transforming the world.

Thanks to the proposal of 200 "green" internships, the association will be able to raise awareness among middle-school students from working-class backgrounds of the challenges of the ecological transition via the completion of an impactful third grade internship with professionals who can open their eyes to their profession.
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Recent result

Already 8,000 internships have been completed by 3rd graders thanks to the association since its creation in 2015.

The money will be used for

The money raised will be used to recruit teams to accompany students in colleges, and canvass companies to encourage them to offer quality internships.


The goal for this program is to find 200 green internships for students, then have 80% of students revise their academic ambition upwards after the internship. In 20% of cases, the internship should enable students to discover their professional vocation after the internship.
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