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The 3rd grade internship is a young person's first contact with the world of work: it can therefore have a decisive impact on the way it is conceived. Students in priority education areas are at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing inspiring internships: Viens Voir Mon Taf aims to overcome this inequality by offering them internships that might interest them, especially in "green" sectors, to instill in them as early as possible the desire to make a positive impact in their profession.

The project

ViensVoirMonTaf is "the network for young people without a network". The team enables 3rd graders from schools in priority education zones (REP/+) or priority urban neighborhoods (QPV) to access quality 3rd grade internships that they wouldn't have had access to on their own. Here are just a few examples: a 5-day immersion internship at Hermès, Google, Havas, BNP Paribas, Vinci, Guerlain or AstraZeneca. And all with caring tutors who welcome them with a smile and support them throughout the week, and sometimes even years later.
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The 3rd grade internship is compulsory and graded. However, students are far from equal when it comes to this internship! For students with no network, the famous "kebab internship" is often the only option. At just 14 or 15, this is their first encounter with social injustice. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds often feel that, even for a 5-day, unpaid internship, "we don't want them".

Let's help them dream bigger and land THE 3rd grade internship of their dreams! ViensVoirMonTaf provides priority education students with a gigantic range of dream internships: the network for students without a network!

Every year, the ViensVoirMonTaf team puts on thousands of hours of in-class workshops to give students the keys to the business world that opens doors for them. Over 6,000 students are supported each year, out of 130,000 students enrolled in 3rd grade in REP/REP+ middle schools. 

A new challenge for ViensVoirMonTaf!
After accompanying over 24,000 students since 2015 in Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Lyon, Grenoble and Vienne... ViensVoirMonTaf is getting ready to land in Marseille at the start of the new school year!

Marseille is home to some 30 middle schools classified as priority education (ex-ZEP), including 23 REP+ middle schools and 6 REP middle schools, representing some 4,000 students who need you, need us, to carry out THE internship that can break through their glass ceiling and project them into a motivating career orientation and future!

For students from working-class neighborhoods, the 3rd grade internship is more than a rite of passage, it's a key moment in their schooling that opens the doors to a new world. Together, let's give them the short end of the stick!

We welcome with open arms all those who want to help us take up this new challenge and multiply our actions as quickly as possible in Marseille!
A new challenge for ViensVoirMonTaf!
+ More than 1,000 internships in the first quarter alone!
To be more precise, we're at 1,048 internships... Record broken!!

And at the start of this term, Ecosol internships are taking off in a big way!

From the water cycle at Hydreka, to sustainable food at Bellebouffe, or even renewable energies at Enerdata, students are not at the end of their surprises!

"I'd like to stay in the field of sustainable energy" confides Antoine, a student at Grenoble's Collège Olympique, during his internship at Enerdata.

As you know, the year is just beginning. Thousands of 3rd graders without a network are still hoping to find a 5-day internship in the coming weeks.

Still more great Ecosol internships to come: partnerships are being built, in urban agriculture at Cueillette Urbaine, in the circular economy at NEO-ECO or at the École du Breuil, a horticulture school run by the city of Paris.

As captains and supporters of ViensVoirMonTaf, you have made and continue to make all this possible!

So 1048 thanks to you, and don't forget, the adventure is just beginning, with you!
+ More than 1,000 internships in the first quarter alone!

The money will be used for

The money raised will be used to recruit teams to accompany students in colleges, and canvass companies to encourage them to offer quality internships.
By opening up horizons and shattering glass ceilings, we enable these children to break down self-censorship and dream higher and further!
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