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Ma Petite Planète

Ma Petite Planète

Ecology at school

With 4 €,
Ma Petite Planète finances:
1 children in the Ma Petite Planète challenge
34,777 €50,000 €
457 Captains


Faced with the greatest challenges in the history of mankind - climate disruption and the extinction of biodiversity - millions of us need to take (joyful!) action.

The Ma Petite Planète Scolaire project is a real educational project around the environment, aimed at young people from kindergarten to high school! The aim is to offer them, through playful activities, a better understanding of the link between Humans and Nature.


Ma Petite Planète à l'école is a team game played within the classroom,  For 3 weeks, each class tries to score as many points as possible by completing challenges with a positive impact on the planet!

At the program: a joyful moment between students thanks to a playful and funny game, students united around a common goal (preserving the planet!) and made aware of good eco-gestures.
Ma Petite Planète primary
Ma Petite Planète secondary

Recent result

Since its creation, Ma Petite Planète has carried out more than 23 editions of ecological challenges! 13,874 leagues have been created, 260,180 joueurs have been mobilized and 3,486,000 bonus challenges have been completed for the planet.

The money will be used for

Each 100€ raised will finance the organization of the Ma Petite Planète school challenge for 1 additional class, i.e. an average of 30 new pupils made aware. Thanks to this operation, thousands of BONUS challenges for Mother Nature can be set up, offering many pupils the opportunity to reconnect with nature, to better understand the challenges facing our ecosystem, to change their habits towards a more responsible mode of consumption and to raise awareness among adults by setting an example!


The MPP team is thinking big and wants the MPP Scolaire game to be present in thousands of schools all over France, and to spread abroad!
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