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Le Sens de l'École

Le Sens de l'École

A course to restore a taste for school in priority zones

With 40 €,
Le Sens de l'École finances:
1 workshops for 1 pupil from CM1-CM2-6e in priority education
6,429 €10,000 €
119 Captains


Le Sens de l'Ecole fights school failure and inequality by tackling the root of the problem. In priority education, one child in 2 arrives in 6e without mastering basic skills. But research shows that this determinism can be broken by acting positively on children's negative perceptions of school and their chances of success. 

That's why the association helps them:
- to feel they belong at school;
- to find meaning in their schooling;
- to regain confidence in their intelligence.


Le Sens de l'Ecole offers 3 different workshop courses for CM1-CM2-6e, in priority education. Their aim is to help children change their outlook on school and put meaning into their schooling, to enable them to take their full place at school and in the world. The courses consist of:
- 4 workshops of 1h30 led by Le Sens de l'Ecole in team with the teacher;
- 4 sessions led by the teacher using Le Sens de l'Ecole teaching aids;
- a class project designed by the teacher to anchor the triggers and extend the positive classroom dynamic.
Le Sens de l'École primary
Le Sens de l'École secondary

Recent result

An authorization from the Education Nationale (Paris) and the enthusiasm of teachers (90% renewal) prove that the workshops meet a real need. It's to satisfy this strong demand that Le Sens de l'École is growing so fast: 500 students accompanied in 2020-2021, 2550 in 2021-2022 and a target of 5500 student beneficiaries in 2022-2023.

The money will be used for

Each 40€ raised helps finance the organization of a workshop for 1 priority education student. With 92% of your donation invested in the direct realization of the workshops, your impact is maximized: 5% is devoted to educational materials, 48% to the remuneration of speakers, 39% to educational coordination.


Le Sens de l'Ecole is thinking big and plans to reach 5500 children in 3 Academies this year, and to multiply its action throughout the country over the next few years.
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