A course to restore a taste for school in priority zones

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235workshops for 1 pupil from CM1-CM2-6e in priority education funded
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40 € = 1 workshops for 1 pupil from CM1-CM2-6e in priority education
Why we love it?

Virginie and her team are more than motivated to fight failure and inequality at school, and their action is acclaimed by many: to test Le Sens de l'École is to approve it!

The project

Offer free workshops in priority education areas during the transition from primary to secondary school
on average, pupils in priority education reach 6th grade with a mastery of basic skills, compared with 50% outside priority education.
students in priority education
have benefited from workshops with Le Sens de l'Ecole since 2020
of teachers consider the program to be an important part of a student's schooling, and wish to continue it from one year to the next.


Le Sens de l'Ecole offers 3 different workshop courses for CM1-CM2-6e, in priority education. Their aim is to help children change their outlook on school and put meaning into their schooling, to enable them to take their full place at school and in the world. The courses consist of:
- 4 workshops of 1h30 led by Le Sens de l'Ecole in team with the teacher;
- 4 sessions led by the teacher using Le Sens de l'Ecole teaching aids;
- a class project designed by the teacher to anchor the triggers and extend the positive classroom dynamic.

🎂 Happy birthday Le Sens de l'Ecole 🎂
Dear Captains,

With your support, we have just passed not 1 but 3 important milestones:
- the milestone of 4 years of existence for our association
- the milestone of 40 members in the crew: 3 salaried employees and 3 freelancers to steer it, 35 mentors and speakers to carry it out in the field
- the milestone of 4,000 children accompanied since the start of the school year (and nearly 12,000 since the association was founded!)

... we would have liked to add the milestone of 40 workshops run in a single day, but in truth, our maximum was 31 (and that's already a lot!)

Thank you for blowing the wind into our sails!
🎂 Happy birthday Le Sens de l'Ecole 🎂

The money will be used for

Each 40€ raised helps finance the organization of a workshop for 1 priority education student. With 92% of your donation invested in the direct realization of the workshops, your impact is maximized: 5% is devoted to educational materials, 48% to the remuneration of speakers, 39% to educational coordination.
At Sens de l'École, we dream of a society in which every child can flourish and give his or her best at school, where they can deploy their talents and make a positive contribution to the world.
Virginie Schaefer
Managing Director
Certified by Captain Cause
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