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5 € = 1 children and their families supported for 1 year
Why we love it?

We all know the old adage "You are what you eat". So it's essential to eat well from an early age, whatever your household income. This is the mission that Programme Malin pursues with determination and ambition!

The project

The aim of the Programme Malin is to help low-income families in France address the nutritional challenges facing their children under 3, and those of the whole family, in order to combat social inequalities in health from early childhood onwards.
des personnes dans le besoin n’accèdent pas à l’aide alimentaire
enfants accompagnés
with a target of 300k children by the end of 2027
vivent sous le seuil de pauvreté en France (1 sur 5)


Programme Malin supports food-insecure families. This mission revolves around 3 strategic missions:

  • A counseling component that helps families take ownership of the various nutritional issues and put them into practice in their daily lives by following the Ministry of Health's recommendations. 

  • A budget assistance: discount vouchers that  promote access to suitable, quality products, selected by pediatricians, based on the recommendations of the National Nutrition Health Program.

  • A research and knowledge component to better understand families' needs and measure the usefulness and impact of the Malin Program.

The money will be used for

- Accompany even more children, increasing from 30% to 60% of eligible families in France
- Invest massively in digital to personalize content and facilitate the dissemination of the budget offer
- Continue the process of strengthening studies to better measure needs and co-construct the offer with families
The nutrition of families and young children is a public health issue. Numerous studies show that prevention through appropriate and early nutrition, during the first 1,000 days of life, contributes to reducing the prevalence of these chronic non-transmissible diseases.
Programme Malin logo
Dr Catherine Salinier
Pediatrician, President of Programme Malin
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Pays de la Loire
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