Socio-professional inclusion through digital skills

Our vision for DigitAll in 2024

DigitAll is a program enabling the acquisition of digital skills from the most basic to the most advanced in order to promote the social and professional integration of people furthest from employment and digital. It aims to make beneficiaries autonomous in their use of digital. 

Targets and new features for 2024:
-Increase the number of learners trained by 15% to over 1,800.
-At the end of training, enable learners to take the PIX certification. 
- Ensure an 80% attendance rate from learners.
-Continue to deploy DigitAll in different cities via our four regional antennas (Ile-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Pays de la Loire).

Thank you all for your help! Together, let's continue to make an impact. 

See you soon, 
The Konexio team

The year 2023 draws to a close! update

The year 2023 draws to a close!

 We're currently preparing the new DigiPulse promotions to be held in 2024. As a reminder, DigiPulse is: 
  • 5 weeks of "project"-oriented skills-building in office automation and code;
  • A "fictitious" company in which learners acquire professional skills and Soft Skills linked to their professional project;
  • A unique project that mobilizes volunteers, learners and speakers from partner companies around socio-professional inclusion!

On the program for this new session: 
  • The introduction of contributions from employees involved in skills sponsorship, who will come and talk about their profession and their company;
  • A new company scenario emphasizing exchanges between the different groups of learners;
  • A brand-new venue, spacious, practical and convivial, to welcome the learners and the closing day, which we hope will be unforgettable!

We're counting on your help to make this great project a success! 

DigiPulse: our impact

Let's talk about impact indicators? 

Konexio launched its first DigiPulse promotion last April! 
We had the opportunity to collect a few indicators to measure our impact:
- 31% of our learners are below baccalaureate level;
- the age distribution for our learners oscillates between 20 and 61 years old;
- 50% of our learners are women;
- 96% of our recommended learners are women;
- 50% of our recommended learners are men;
- 50% of our recommended learners are women;
- 50% of our recommended learners are mene.s oscillates between 20 and 61 years old;
- 50% of our learners are women;
- 96% of our learners recommend DigiPulse;
- 92% of our learners say they have improved their teamwork.

A learner testifies:
"It's great, you learn without realizing it!" - Alpha Ibrahima Barry 

This impact is possible thanks to you, thank you. 

If you're interested in our various training courses, please don't hesitate to contact us ([email protected])!! 

See you soon, 
The Konexio team

Any news from DigiPulse? update

Any news from DigiPulse?

Since we posted our project, a lot has happened. 
Brief reminder: DigiPulse is all about learning digital skills and professional codes through a real-life situation: immersion in a corporate scenario. 

The program was officially launched at the Maison des Initiatives Étudiantes in Paris! Our learners, people far removed from digital technology and employment, set off for 20 hours of training.

- First experimental promotion launched on April 19
- 40 learners signed up and accepted the challenge over 5 weeks
- 5 business teams: HR, communication, marketing, logistics and DevWeb
- The final restitution of each team will take place on May 17

Launch of this pilot project: a success! Our learners got right into the fictional scenario and played their roles to perfection, while developing their digital and relational skills.

We'll leave you with a photo: thank you for making this possible! If you'd like to follow the progress of this project, you can follow us on our blog!! 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Next promotion in September 2023!

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