Developing citizen photovoltaic projects

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70hour(s) of support for a group of volunteers involved in a project funded
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45 € = 1 hour(s) of support for a group of volunteers involved in a project
Why we love it?

For almost 10 years, this association has been taking concrete action to decarbonize energy by using citizen involvement to promote and develop solar energy.

The project

500th community photovoltaic power plant commissioned
that finance local renewable energy projects
committed to the Centrales Villageoises approach
photovoltaic systems
generating more than 10MWp, equivalent to the consumption of 3,000 households.


L'Association des Centrales Villageoises enables volunteers involved in a local Centrales Villageoises project to increase their skills and develop photovoltaic projects themselves. 

The association acts on several levers: 
- development of a "step-by-step" project method with the provision of a constantly evolving "toolbox"; 
- support by association employees; 
- organization of technical training courses;  
- organization of exchange times within the network promoting mutual help and experience sharing; 
- etc.

Village Power Plant Gathering
On March 15 and 16, over a hundred volunteers and partners gathered for the Steering Committee and the General Meeting of the Associationdes Centrales Villageoises. Not to mention the nearly 40 people who followed part of the event online!

Over two days, participants attended a series of workshops and plenary sessions on key network topics: collective self-consumption, ground-mounted photovoltaics and shading, local job creation and energy sobriety...

These discussions were a source of inspiration for the Centrales Villageoises volunteers, who went home even more determined to promote renewable energies in their territories! 
Village Power Plant Gathering

The money will be used for

The actions aim to increase the skills of the volunteers involved in the Centrales Villageoises:
- funding of support time for collectives;
- funding of the development and consolidation of technical resources (guides, standard documents, partnerships...);
- funding of technical training.
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