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Centrales Villageoises

Centrales Villageoises

Development of citizen photovoltaic projects

With 45 €,
Centrales Villageoises finances:
1 hour(s) of support for a group of volunteers involved in a project
2,765 €15,000 €
10 Captains


Energy transition is a major issue in the fight against climate disruption. What's more, according to a study by Energie Partagée, €1 invested in a citizen renewable energy project generates €2.5 that benefits the local economic fabric.

It was with this in mind that the Centrales Villageoises network was created almost 10 years ago, and the Centrales Villageoises have already commissioned over 430 rooftop photovoltaic installations.

The challenge now is to pass the milestone of 500 photovoltaic installations, developed, financed and operated by citizens on the scale of their territory!

The Centrales Villageoises are now developing projects on larger roofs than at the origins of the model when small surfaces were equipped. These projects are more complex, and the technical skills of the volunteers involved are essential to their success.


L'Association des Centrales Villageoises enables volunteers involved in a local Centrales Villageoises project to increase their skills and develop photovoltaic projects themselves. 

The association acts on several levers: 
- development of a "step-by-step" project method with the provision of a constantly evolving "toolbox"; 
- support by association employees; 
- organization of technical training courses;  
- organization of exchange times within the network promoting mutual help and experience sharing; 
- etc.
Centrales Villageoises primary
Centrales Villageoises secondary

Recent result

Already 430 photovoltaic installations commissioned by the Centrales Villageoises network, including 40 installations since the beginning of 2022.

Cap on 500 installations in 2023!

The money will be used for

The actions aim to increase the skills of the volunteers involved in the Centrales Villageoises:
- funding of support time for collectives;
- funding of the development and consolidation of technical resources (guides, standard documents, partnerships...);
- funding of technical training.


500 citizen photovoltaic installations means...
- enough to produce the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 5,000 people;
- an overall investment of €20 million;
- a local economic spin-off of €50 million;
- the financial investment of 7,000 individuals and 300 local authorities;
- the voluntary involvement of around 1,000 people;
- co-benefits in terms of social ties!
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