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Fonds de dotation Merci

Fonds de dotation Merci

Access to education and food for young Madagascans

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With 12.5 €,
Fonds de dotation Merci finances:
1 month's school and canteen fees in Madagascar
78 €15,000 €
782 Captains


The Merci Endowment Fund works with the Abc Domino association in the Tuléar region of southwest Madagascar. This region is ranked by the International Monetary Fund as the 4th poorest country in the world. In this particularly poor and isolated province, deserted by international organizations, 47% of children under the age of 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition and access to school is a daily challenge for all children.


Since 2010, the Merci Endowment Fund has been involved in the construction of 6 elementary school, 2 middle schools and 1 high school, providing schooling for 3,500 children with its long-standing partner Abc Domino. The Merci Endowment Fund also supports the provisioning of 6 canteens, ensuring a daily meal for pupils, sometimes the only one of the day. In 2022, an IT school opened its doors to welcome the first baccalaureate graduates.
Fonds de dotation Merci primary
Fonds de dotation Merci secondary

Recent result

The Merci Endowment Fund has already helped finance:
- 3,500 children schooled from primary to high school each year;
- 6 elementary school, 2 middle schools and 1 high school;
- 6 school canteens;
- 3 sewing workshops;
- 3 vegetable gardens;
- wells and housing for teachers ;
- over 10,000 meals served every week ;
- 125 teachers ;
- 100% success rate in the Brevet des collèges for 3rd graders ;
- over 80% success rate in the Baccalauréat for the 3rd Terminale class, compared with the national average of 40%.

The money will be used for

With €15,000, the Merci Endowment Fund provides full school fees for 100 children for a year in Madagascar. It also provides each child with a daily meal. This sum includes school fees, teachers' salaries, building maintenance, canteen for one year, animation of vegetable gardens, sewing workshops and libraries, as well as taking charge of new works such as new classrooms. 

100% of donations received are used in full for the projects. Operating costs are covered by the administrators.


With this project, the Merci Endowment Fund aims to school and provide a daily meal for 100 children.  
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