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A workshop to raise awareness of digital responsibility

With 10 €,
Latitudes finances:
1 student(s) aware of digital responsibility
3,696 €15,000 €
159 Captains


Some key data to remember:
+ The greenhouse gas emissions linked to digital represent the same weight as the aviation sector (source: Shift Project)
+ A 15-year-old spends on average 8.5 hours a day behind a screen (source: HBCS survey)
+ Digital only counts 30% women in its workforce (source: Numeum)

Despite its potential, digital also faces major social and environmental challenges: the earlier we teach these issues, the more citizens will be able to adopt good, responsible digital practices.


That's why Latitudes has developed a 1h30 workshop for middle and high schools to:
1) Help young people adopt responsible digital practices as early as possible;
2) Introduce digital professions to young people who wouldn't have thought of making it their career.

Through the simulation of the creation of a digital application, students discover the different professions involved in its development, as well as the social and environmental issues of digital: eco-design, ethical design, accessibility, etc.
Latitudes primary
Latitudes secondary

Recent result

Future of Tech was created in 2022: 90 volunteers have been recruited and trained to run workshops in middle and high schools around their homes. By 2022, 600 young people will already have been made aware, and the aim is to reach 3,000 by 2023.

The money will be used for

The money raised will be used for:
- recruiting, training and supporting the volunteers who run the workshops;
- creating partnerships with middle and high schools;
- continuously improving the workshop and the resources shared with teachers.


Future of Tech's goal is to raise awareness among 3,000 middle and high school studentsby 2023, 50% of them from Priority Urban Neighborhoods.
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