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A nursery for reforestation in the South-West

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As a result of climate disruption and the significant increase in fires in France, many patches of forest have been destroyed. To ensure the sustainability of our forests and terrestrial biodiversity, the YouCare Association has decided to respond to this challenge by creating a network of charitable nurseries. 

Together, we're going to create the first YouCare Charitable Nursery. The aim will be to enable everyone, at their own level, to become involved in reforestation in their region.


With this charitable nursery project, the YouCare Association's aim will be to germinate and propagate over 50,000 tree seedlings per year, to be subsequently reused for reforestation. Depending on the region, more than 20 tree species will be multiplied to avoid any problems associated with monoculture.

Species of bushes and honey plants will also be planted to enable the reintroduction of small mammals and bees.
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Recent result

As of today, the YouCare Association is already in possession of a terrain de 2 hectares situated in the South of France (see map below), graciously made available by a partner association, Les 3 Dindes.

Thanks to volunteers on site, clearing work over an area of 500 m2 has already begun.

The money will be used for

The donations collected will enable the YouCare Association to continue and finalize the work of clearing the undergrowth, as well as finance the installations and equipment needed to set up the nursery (tunnel greenhouse, water recovery system, etc.).


The YouCare Association wants to set up the charity nursery in the South-West as a first step, and then create a network of nurseries in several French cities. 
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