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Espérance Banlieues effectively combats educational and cultural inequalities, as its excellent results attest. This association's excellent reputation is well-founded, so why not add your contribution to this fine edifice?


80,000 young people leave the French school system without qualifications. 50% of 3rd graders don't pass the written brevet exam in priority education networks. Heritage attendance is increasingly linked to social background, and fewer than one in two 15-year-olds have visited a cultural venue. More than 40% of young people in these 1,500 priority neighborhoods are unemployed.

This unfair situation generates tension and conflict. For this reason, Espérance banlieues pays particular attention to each child so that they can discover their talents and then develop them within French society.


A complementary player to the French national education system, Espérance banlieues responds to a challenge of educational and cultural equity. The association works to prevent school dropout from an early age. It passes on to children in the suburbs quality teaching and education, to which only the most privileged have access today.

Espérance banlieues acts to encourage the successful integration of young people and their families into French society. The schools in the network are convinced that getting to know and love a country is a prerequisite for building its future together. They help young people to grow up to become free and responsible citizens, able to commit themselves with pride to building their future and that of their country. By financing a new class, you are helping Espérance banlieues to perpetuate its action.

Cultural discoveries for Espérance banlieues students!
International Comics Festival:
Who doesn't know Asterix the Gaul and his menhir-breeding friend Obelix? Gaston Lagaffe's espadrilles or the name of Lucky Lucke's horse? Comic strips are an integral part of our Francophone cultural heritage.
In our 17 schools, discovering the treasures of the French language, even in this form, is an integral part of our educational project.
Pupils at the Espérance banlieues school not far from Angoulême couldn't miss a visit to the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée in Angoulême! The opportunity to take part in two workshops to boost their creativity and spark a few budding cartoonist vocations.
- In the first workshop, they created comic strip boxes by adding details thanks to the presence of live models.
- In the second workshop, they explored optical illusion with the creation of thaumatropes, small toys that explore the phenomenon of retinal persistence.

Festival de Cinéma:
140 schoolchildren were welcomed to the cinema to attend the screening of the film "De toutes mes forces", which recounts the challenge taken up by a father challenged by his quadriplegic son to compete in the Nice IronMan. This was followed by a meeting with the film's director, to whom our schoolchildren from Sartrouville, Asnières and Argenteuil were able to put all their questions: "Why did you make this film? How did you choose the actors? What are the production stages of a film? Does the synopsis relate to your personal story? This first-of-its-kind meeting for middle-schoolers, prepared with teachers over the past few weeks, provided an opportunity to:
- Discover the world of cinema and learn how to analyze a film, build an argued opinion
- Dialog with a film director
- Deepen themes around sports (the Olympics are approaching!), inclusion and disability
- Work on the notion of surpassing oneself, the meaning of effort and perseverance
Thank you for your support, which enables our students to take part in all these projects, discover all their talents and thus widen the field of possibilities for their future!
Cultural discoveries for Espérance banlieues students!
Our former students testify!
What happens to students who have passed through Espérance banlieues schools? 
The question is often asked. Three 2023 bacheliers who passed through the benches of one of the 17 schools in the Espérance banlieues network tell us!"
➡ Maëlly from Espérance banlieues, Cours Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in Asnières, is studying at Sorbonne Université and dreams of becoming an engineer in forensics.
➡ Tony and Aboubakar, very chummy in life, from Cours La Cordée - Espérance Banlieues in Roubaix have chosen to follow courses in project management and event management.

Video just below! 
Visit by Espérance banlieues students to the Hôtel Matignon 
Friday September 29, 2023, Elisabeth Borne received in her office the 4th and 3rd grade students from the Espérance banlieues school in Argenteuil who were visiting the Hôtel Matignon as part of their school program. Madame Prime Minister spontaneously took part in a question-and-answer session with the curious and attentive children. A very warm and informal moment of exchange.
This visit to Matignon will remain engraved in the memories of our students, who came away with renewed motivation and a better understanding of the importance of civic and political commitment. 
How can we calm the violence experienced in certain priority neighborhoods?

How can we respond to the educational emergency in fractured and isolated territories? Is it possible to reconcile, to remake society?
Publication of the Tribune: the educational response provided by Espérance banlieues! 
Our former students testify!

The money will be used for

Espérance banlieues calls for a collective mobilization to combat these disparities, and is particularly aimed at companies wishing to respond to the educational challenge of these neighborhoods. 17 schools have already been created, in or near priority urban policy neighborhoods.
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