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SOS Méditerranée

SOS Méditerranée

A day of rescue with the Ocean Viking

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With 180 €,
SOS Méditerranée finances:
1 care of a survivor aboard Ocean Viking
966 €14,000 €
28 Captains


Following the cessation of Operation Mare Nostrum in 2014, which guaranteed much-needed rescue resources, this vast humanitarian zone was disinvested by the public authorities, leaving it without any means of rescue. 
Since 2014, according to the IOM (International Organization for Migration),28,021 people have lost their lives in the Mediterranean aboard unseaworthy boats.

In 2022, at least 2406 people died in the central Mediterranean as they tried to escape Libya and its inhumane living conditions repeatedly denounced by the UN. 
Today the humanitarian drama playing out at Europe's gates is intensifying, and migratory flows are becoming more complex. Driven by inhumane living conditions in their countries of origin, armed conflicts, climate change and arbitrary detention, tens of thousands of people are attempting to cross the high seas in overloaded, unseaworthy boats.

SOS Méditerranée responds to the moral duty and maritime law of rescue at sea.

Since 2016, the Aquarius and then the Ocean Viking have  rescued more than 38,407 people in distress on inflatable boats or barges.


Based in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, its actions respond to a moral imperative and fall within a clear legal framework: the obligation to assist any person in distress at sea.

The association pursues three missions:
- SAVE lives at sea through search-and-rescue operations for boats in distress, in compliance with maritime and international law;
- PROTECT and CARE for those rescued through emergency care delivered on board, medical-psychological listening and support, as well as accompaniment to a safe place where their lives are no longer threatened and their basic needs can be met ;
- WITNESS the situation in the Mediterranean and raise awareness among the general public, institutions and governments of this humanitarian drama unfolding on Europe's doorstep.                              

Thanks to the mobilization of citizens, the first boat was chartered in 2016 to respond to the humanitarian emergency. The Aquarius until 2018, then the Ocean Viking, are citizen boats financed 91% by private funds. On board, professional rescue sailors scan the sea and come to the rescue of the boats, often in difficult conditions. The refugees, 11% of whom are women and 30% minors, receive medical and psychological care until disembarkation in a safe port. SOS Méditerranée's action is always carried out in coordination with maritime authorities and in strict compliance with international maritime rescue laws.
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Recent result

In 2022, the Ocean Viking rescued 2505 people in distress on boats or inflatable craft.

The money will be used for

SOS Méditerranée is committed to deploying professional rescue operations and employs professional maritime and medical/social teams both on board and ashore. Expenses include, for example, the renewal of life jackets (€25/jacket), dinghy operations (€100 for 3h) or the sharply rising cost of fuel.


The Ocean Viking can carry out about thirty rescues a year. In 2022, 2505 people were rescued in 45 operations. In the absence of state-coordinated rescue operations, its presence is essential, and your funding helps to ensure an extra day's presence at sea. Valuable support and solidarity.
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