A day of rescue with the Ocean Viking

First mission of the year updateRescue on January 29, 2024. Photo by Tess Barthes.

First mission of the year

 Yesterday afternoon, the Ocean Viking rescued 71 people from an overloaded inflatable boat. An aircraft from the NGO Sea-Watch raised the alarm at around 1:30pm, and our vessel immediately headed for the position. 

Arriving on site, our teams noted the presence of water in the boat, which was threatening to overturn. Faced with the urgency of the situation, we immediately evacuated all those on board, including 5 women and 16 unaccompanied minors. 

Shortly after the rescue, the Italian authorities assigned the port of Livorno, 1,167 km north of Italy, to disembark the survivors. This decision will keep us away from the rescue zone for at least a week.

We are currently sailing up to the port of Livorno and will be heading back to the rescue zone as soon as possible. Thanks to your support, we will continue our vital mission. 

Thank you for standing by us

244 people saved in 12 hours! updateRescue on the night of December 26-27. Photo by Alisha Vaya.

244 people saved in 12 hours!

Yesterday (December 27), the Ocean Viking rescued 244 men, women and children in distress during three rescue operations, in international waters off Libya.  
  • At around 1am, a rescue operation was then launched close to a Libyan patrol boat. 122 people, including 8 unaccompanied minors, were rescued. 
  •  As our vessel headed north,  a second wooden boat, totally overloaded, was spotted. In coordination with the Italian authorities, our teams rescued 106 people, including 8 women and 4 children. 
  • A few moments later, the NGO Pilotes Volontaires spotted a fiberglass boat in distress close to our ship. Our teams were then able to rescue 16 people, again in coordination with the Italian authorities.  

As we write, our teams are taking turns day and night to care for the 244 men, women and children on board. The ship is currently en route to Bari, where we should arrive on Saturday to disembark the shipwrecked crew, before setting sail again as soon as possible. 

3 rescues in 24 hours updateRescue during the weekend of November 11-12. Photo by Jérémie Lusseau.

3 rescues in 24 hours

This weekend, the Ocean Viking rescued 128 people - men, women and children in distress - during three rescue operations, in international waters off Libya.

Many of them had severe burns from the fuel on the bottom of the boat and symptoms of intoxication. One of them lost consciousness on arrival on the Ocean Viking; she was immediately attended to by our medical team and is now in stable condition.

The Ocean Viking has set course for the remote port of Ortona, on the Adriatic coast, where the Italian authorities have instructed us to disembark the 128 survivors. As weather conditions deteriorate, it is unacceptable that these men, women and children, already exhausted.

Despite the obstacles, as winter approaches, the crossings continue as soon as weather windows allow. We remain determined and ready to continue our mission. For this, and more than ever, we need your help! 

10 ans de honte

Le 3 octobre 2013, 368 femmes, hommes, enfants perdaient la vie dans un terrible naufrage près de Lampedusa, aux portes de l'Europe. Face à l'Europe. Ce naufrage a choqué le monde. Mais seulement un temps. Car pendant 10 ans, les images de naufrages et de tragédies n'ont pas cessé. Lampedusa a été oubliée.
Cette crise humanitaire en Méditerranée tue. Depuis 2014, au moins 28 000 enfants, femmes et hommes se sont noyé.e.s, dans l'indifférence totale des Etats européens.

500 people rescued in 48 hours updateRescue on the night of August 10-11, 2023. Photo by Camille Martin Juan.

500 people rescued in 48 hours

Over the past 48 hours,our teams have rescued over 500 people in distress, in 11 rescues. While these people are now safe and sound, our teams are still in operation as alerts continue.  

It all started yesterday morning, when we carried out the rescue of a first boat, spotted by binoculars from the deck ofthe Ocean Viking, with 55 people on board. The alerts then multiplied and the rescue operations went on relentlessly throughout last night and are still continuing at this time. 

All these operations are being carried out under the coordination of the Italian authorities and in cooperation with other NGO vessels present on site. 
These staggering figures testify to the catastrophic humanitarian situation in the Mediterranean and the extreme need to increase search and rescue resources in this area.  

In the face of absolute urgency, our vital mission must continue. For this, and more than ever, we need your help! 

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