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A catalog of solutions to combat food insecurity

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Growing searches for food aid on Soliguide, a digital guide that references solidarity services, attest to great food insecurity in France. During successive crises, Soliguide has demonstrated its strength by effectively directing tens of thousands of people to the help they need, at times of uncertainty. 

Despite its rapid deployment (25 departments), Soliguide does not yet cover the whole of France, while requests, particularly for food aid, are pouring in from all departments.


The aim of this project is to develop the referencing of solutions on the theme of food aid in Soliguide on a national scale.

Concretely, this will require: mapping all food aid services throughout mainland France, training and raising awareness among food aid players in the use of the tool, disseminating it to as many people as possible and then adapting it to the specific needs of food aid and the new départements.
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Recent result

On the Soliguide website, more than 53,000 solidarity services are referenced and approximately 700,000 searches are made each year.

The money will be used for

Thanks to the funds raised, the Solinum teams will be able to distribute Soliguide locally to solidarity players and beneficiaries and continue to make technical improvements to the platform.


Solinum aims with this project at three main objectives on food aid: referring 5000 additional food aid services, accounting for more than 300,000 annual searches on the subject and raising awareness of the tool among 2000 professionals and volunteers.
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