Soliguide, a digital platform for social action for people in precarious situations

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Why we love it?

Solinum is proof that technology can be put to social use and have an impact that is as powerful as it is effective. Through Soliguide, the application gives thousands of people access to food aid and other essential services.

The project

Soliguide is a digital platform that references and locates all social action services to facilitate access for people in precarious situations.
100 000
services listed on the platform
of French people do not apply for aid to which they are entitled
of searches in 2023 helped to direct people in precarious situations to the right services


The aim of this project is to develop the referencing of solutions on the theme of food aid in Soliguide on a national scale.

Concretely, this will require: mapping all food aid services throughout mainland France, training and raising awareness among food aid players in the use of the tool, disseminating it to as many people as possible and then adapting it to the specific needs of food aid and the new départements.

Change of working hours, end-of-year celebrations: what's the impact on social action structures?

This year, on the Soliguide platform, we updated information for 17,800 structures, representing a total of 60,700 different services. 37% of structures updated themselves autonomously, i.e. without external help from our territorial teams. 

🔒How many social action services closed during the winter period (between November and January)?

More than 1/4 of social action services closed their doors at least one day during winter 2023. Of these services, 39% closed between 4 and 7 days, and 15% closed between 8 and 15 days.

The week between Christmas and New Year is the most impacted by these closures. A real challenge to direct people to suitable services that are not saturated.

🍽️Focus on food aid 

Since 2022, Solinum has begun the process of referencing all food aid services on Soliguide on a national scale: food distributions, social and solidarity grocery stores, solidarity restaurants, etc.). In partnership with social action players, all our forces are mobilized to facilitate access to food for those who need it. It's 6704 locations for food aid and 10591 services for food aid referenced.

This winter, between November 22 and January 6, 2024, 28% of food aid services closed at least one day, and of these services, 29% closed between 4 and 7 days. The week of December 25 is the most impacted by these closures, with around 15% of services closed between December 25 and 31.

Social and solidarity grocery stores are the most affected by winter closures (42%), followed by food parcel services and sit-down catering (26% of these services closed), then meal distribution (24%).

Thanks to solidarity players and Soliguide teams, 94.5% of Soliguide information was updated this winter !
New partnership with the Fédération des Banques Alimentaires
The Fédération des Banques Alimentaires and Solinum have just signed a national partnership!

The Food Bank is:
- a network of 79 food banks
- 224 million meals distributed 
- 2.4M people
- over 6,000 partner associations and CCAS
- over 7,000 volunteers

At a time when inflation is pushing many French households into a precarious situation, Solinum is particularly committed to fighting food insecurity. This partnership made perfect sense!

🤝 With the food bank, in concrete terms we're going to:
- Reference the activities of BAs on Soliguide
- Raise awareness of the grocery store network to provide better guidance
- Co-construct Soliguide with a view to improving access to food aid in France

The money will be used for

Thanks to the funds raised, the Solinum teams will be able to distribute Soliguide locally to solidarity players and beneficiaries and continue to make technical improvements to the platform.
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