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Bureaux du Cœur

Bureaux du Cœur

Offices open at night and weekends for the most disadvantaged

Social actionPays de la Loire
With 1.5 €,
Bureaux du Cœur finances:
1 reception day(s) for one person
3,525 €15,000 €
25 Captains


The offices are occupied only 30% of the time. At night and at weekends, they are empty. Yet they are often heated in winter and air-conditioned in summer.

On the other hand, 300,000 people sleep outside in France.

What if companies could help reintegrate someone who has lost everything?


Les Bureaux du Coeur is a bridge between these two realities: the association ensures that offices are offices during the day and, at night and weekends, a place of welcome for a person in a street situation, who we call a "guest.e". 

The term guest is not chosen at random. The host company will welcome the guest and provide a small kitchen, a shower and a bed, which could be in a meeting room, an office or even a siesta room. Each case is specific and anything is possible. 
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Recent result

Today, les Bureaux du Cœur has welcomed 110 guests at 55 companies in 22 cities across France. This is just the beginning!

Les Bureaux du Cœur needs your help to continue telling this incredible story: the story of someone who had lost everything, down to sleeping outside or in his car, and who was able to count on the solidarity of French companies and you, dear donors, to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The money will be used for

Donations will enable us to recruit permanent staff to canvass new host companies, finance any fittings and furnishings at hosts' homes, the guarantee fund in the event of damage at one of the hosts' homes, welcome kits (bedding, kitchen items, etc.) offered to guests and the several support programs set up on a case-by-case basis.

By donating to the Bureaux du Cœur, you enable them to:
- set up new reception facilities;
- support their guests as best they can in their social reintegration;
- support a world with less inequality;
- pass on a little (or even a lot) of love to people who really need it.


Doubling the number of guests welcomed and reintegrated thanks to Bureaux du Cœur: from 110 to 220!
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