Entrepreneurship with a disability: together, let's give them wings and accelerate their success!

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The project

h'up entrepreneurs accompanies and represents disabled entrepreneurs throughout France, to liberate their power to act and transform their environment into one of opportunity.
2 800
disabled people supported since the creation of our association in 2008
of our supported entrepreneurs feel more legitimate in leading an entrepreneurial project
of companies created by h'up beneficiaries are still in existence 2 years after their creation


h'up entrepreneurs represents and accelerates the success of entrepreneurs with disabilities. Thanks to its expert team, and the mobilization of 450 certified coaches and volunteer project experts, nearly 320 people with disabilities were supported in their entrepreneurial projects in 2023, with the aim of doubling this number by 2025.

In order to remove the barriers to accessing entrepreneurship, support programs combine coaching, mentoring, group formats and networking.

Pedagogical differentiation is based on (1) agility and adaptation to each situation, (2) a long support timeframe, (3) complementarity with existing players and (4) placing the subject of Disability at the heart of entrepreneurial questioning, notably thanks to the strength of peer-to-peer exchanges with "role models" (h'up community of over 3,000 disabled entrepreneurs throughout France).

h'up entrepreneurs, the closing evening of the h'up Academy, a page is turned that heralds another!
The closing evening of the 6th edition of our h'up Académie program took place on January 23! At BPI France's premises, which hosted us for the occasion, the 18 entrepreneurs who had assiduously followed the program were able to pitch their projects, a fitting climax to 9 months of intense support. We were able to bring together some fifty participants for the occasion, including program partners (CIC Private Debt, Banque Wormser Frères, BNP Paribas, Andera Partners, Fondation Léon Grosse), institutional players (France Travail, AGEFIPH) and volunteers who had accompanied the academics. The h'up Académie program enables an annual class of around twenty entrepreneurs with disabilities to benefit from a program combining coaching and technical support, during individual and group sessions, in order to work on a development issue or a change of scale. 
A page is turning, but the 7th h'up Académie 2024 class is almost here! Our call for applications closes in a week's time to select the entrepreneurs who will be supported in accelerating their entrepreneurial activity. Future projects to support for the future! 

Eager to take your place on the side of the bold? Then make a donation via our HelloAsso link: https://h-up.fr/don-entreprise-ou-particulier-aide-entrepreneur-et-handicap/

And if you'd like to know more about our Academicians, check out the video portrait below of Rémi Uzzan, founder of Othentik, a consultancy helping companies innovate through cognitive diversity. 
h'up entrepreneurs, the closing evening of the h'up Academy, a page is turned that heralds another!

The money will be used for

  • Supporting entrepreneurs in our various programs (selection of entrepreneurs and volunteers, diagnosis of entrepreneurial project, entrepreneur follow-up meetings)
  • Implementing disability compensation actions: responding to the specific needs of our entrepreneurs (LSF translation, support for visually impaired people...etc)
  • Organizing entrepreneur network events
Disability is a departure from the norm, a walking laboratory of innovation. What better way to get started?
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