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La Table de Cana, a little history... and numbers! update

La Table de Cana, a little history... and numbers!

La Table de Cana is a national network of 9 work-integration companies spread across France. These companies are all independent of each other. Most have been in existence for over 15 years, with the first one opening its doors in 1985 in Antony on the initiative of a Jesuit priest who wanted to help the homeless back into stable, rewarding employment.
Thanks to you and your support, La Table de Cana Valence was able to open its doors this year! We currently employ 1 manager on a permanent contract and two people on work integration schemes. But this is just the beginning! Thanks to you, our other supporters and our customers, we plan to operate with 7 to 8 people on work-integration schemes. Eventually, this will mean around ten people a year will be trained in the kitchen trades and will be able to find work again!
This great project is still in its infancy! And to make it work, we still need your help! Thank you for all the help you've already given us.

A table ! update

A table !

La Table de Cana Valence served its first sit-down meal last week! A great experience for our employees in integration who experienced the fire and the stress of the heat stroke. What a joy to see a tear of pride on their faces when the whole room applauded them at the end of the meal! Cream of white asparagus, green asparagus and parmesan potato chips for starters, Fillet of sea bream with vanilla sauce and seasonal vegetables, and a pistachio cream Financier to finish off the meal. We'll let you be the judge!

1823 ! update

1823 !

1823 ! C'est le nombre de repas servis par La Table de Cana Valence. Cela peut paraître faible, mais n'oubliez pas que nous n'avons réellement commencé à servir que le 8 janvier, il y a à peine plus de deux mois !
Et la progression continue, nous sommes de plus en plus sollicités pour des évènements d'importance (plus de 200 personnes) : universités d'été, mariages, cocktails d'entreprises de fin d'année... Grâce à notre cheffe, nous sommes maintenant bien identifiés comme traiteur de qualité dans la Drôme !
Et grâce à vous, les deux personnes en insertion que nous avons recrutées continuent à se former, progresser et prennent de plus en plus confiance en elle !

Here we go! update

Here we go!

Dear friends,
Finally, the Table de Cana project in Valence is taking shape! After a few not always easy months, looking for financing, drawing up plans, finding premises...
In fact, over the last few months, we've been able to:
- Validate the plans
- Recruit a head chef
- And above all, get the ball rolling on the project!
So, work began in early October and should be completed by mid-December. This means we'll be able to start production before the end of the year.
So, for the month of December, we'll be recruiting two people on integration schemes to start with. Then a third from the start of 2024!
Some photos of the work below.
Thank you all for your support,

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