Collection operations on Mediterranean coasts

Discover the progress of the Kraken renovation project on video!


The Kraken construction project, initiated in 2022, is slowly coming to an end. To mark the occasion, we look back over the past 2 years of work to present the achievements of over a hundred volunteers!
It's been a long, hard and challenging task to make this emblematic boat of the Association the standard-bearer in the fight against plastic pollution in France.
The project has been able to proceed thanks to the support of our partners (and you!) who share our common ambition to preserve the ocean. The yacht's renovations have been able to come to life over the last few months thanks to the determination of the shipyard's volunteers, as much as to our partners. 
Flashback on thousands of hours of work...
The Kraken will set sail again in 2024 to resume her mission on the Mediterranean coast. 
We'll soon be sharing some great news about her upcoming program and itinerary!

First figures from the 2023 annual review! update

First figures from the 2023 annual review!

My best wishes for this new year 2024! May it once again enable us to fight beautiful battles together for the preservation of our Ocean, there's still a lot of work to do this year.
First of all, I'd like to thank you for the invaluable support you gave us in 2023. Thanks to the support of Captains patrons, we were able to make this past year one of all records, both on our missions and on the association's cross-functional projects.
May this momentum continue in 2024 to further accentuate our efforts in the field and protect living things!
Before sharing the full 2023 balance sheet currently being finalized, here are a few key figures to get our mouths watering:
- 6 missions in 2023:
  • 3 itinerant missions (the Kraken although still under construction until mid-2024, the Scylla and the Mission Sud by bike)
  • 3 fixed missions: Etang de Berre (3rd edition), Etang de Thau (2nd edition), Bassin d'Arcachon (2nd edition)

On the pollution clean-up side:
- 426 waste pick-ups (50 more than in 2022, more than one pick-up per day compared to the year!)
- 45 tons of waste collected (2x more than in 2022).
On the awareness-raising side:
- 495 awareness-raising actions (2.5x more than in 2022)
- 21,090 people reached (over 3,000 schoolchildren)

253 volunteers have been recruited to take part in our missions for a minimum of 1 month (this figure excludes one-off volunteers!).
In 2024, we're adding two new missions to our projects by tackling a subject that is too little addressed in our territory: the role of rivers as major axes carrying waste to the Ocean.
We are therefore opening a mission on the Gironde Estuary and a mission on the Rhône Delta to clean up the banks and ultimately attempt to install sustainable solutions for capturing river waste.
I wish you an excellent year, full of happiness, commitment and good health!

For an Ocean without waste,
The Wings of the Ocean team

Remediation project on the Etang de Berre update

Remediation project on the Etang de Berre

The Etang de Berre mission is coming to an end, and we're delighted with the work of our teams in the field and the support of our entire community. 
Some overall figures on the May to September mission:
- 39 clean-ups 
- Over 25 tons of waste collected
- Over 40,000 cigarette butts collected
- 1,764 people made aware 
- 37 volunteers involved in the mission
Our action doesn't stop there, we're also present on the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean coast, the Etang de Thau and the Bassin d'Arcachon!
I won't bore you with the figures: we're collecting more and more garbage... But we're also raising awareness among more and more people, which is very encouraging!
All this is partly thanks to you, so a huge thank you.
We're all working together for plastic-free oceans!   

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