Beehives for farmers' groups in Senegal

Meeting with the women's group in Senegal update

Meeting with the women's group in Senegal

Hello to all the Captains Laafi, first of all a immense thank you for choosing our beekeeping project in Senegal, it warms our hearts.
The SENAPI project officially started in April, and we were able to make a mission to Senegal to meet the partners and especially the women's group: discuss their needs, their beekeeping knowledge, size the training courses.... This is always a very rich and essential first step in setting up a program as close as possible to the realities on the ground.
We were able to visit their market gardening plots and identify areas to install hives in the mangroves.
The training courses will start in the autumn, followed by the provision of 5 hives per woman. Stay tuned! 

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