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Wake Up Café

Wake Up Café

A restaurant to reintegrate ex-prisoners

With 25 €,
Wake Up Café finances:
1 hour(s) of training-integration
1,816 €18,000 €
44 Captains


For ex-prisoners, the risk of re-offending is greater in the months following release from prison. We therefore need to be able to enable them to return to a setting very quickly, which can both train them in reception, catering and service jobs, while paying them.


Le Quai Liberté, with its restaurant aboard the Thalassa boat and its 1,000m2 guinguette on the quays of the Seine, intends to build a profitable model and turn difference into strength. This program promotes the reintegration of prison leavers and encounters by offering work, in an ordinary environment, to people far removed from employment in a demanding and caring setting.
Wake Up Café primary
Wake Up Café secondary

Recent result

Le Quai Liberté has employed and trained 80 wakeboarders in 2 years, on different levels of autonomy.

The money will be used for

The funds raised will be used to finance the training costs and salaries of the wakeurs during their month of training. This is divided into 4 stages: immersion in the company, immersion in the job, immersion in the role, immersion in the team.


Train 15 Level 1 wakeboarders over the year 2023. These wakeboarders will divide their time between training (70%) and productivity periods (30%).
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