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A coding bootcamp for 25 refugee students in Jordan

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With 35 €,
CHAMS finances:
1 training day(s) for a student
1,100 €30,000 €
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According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Jordan hosts 760,000 refugees. Of these, some 670,000 are from Syria, making Jordan the world's second-largest per capita host of Syrian refugees, behind Lebanon. This population, which has an increasingly limited prospect of return, finds itself on the margins of, if not completely excluded from, the labor market.It is vital, therefore, to think of innovative solutions to train young refugees and integrate them into the global labor market.


To ensure more equitable access to the labor market, CHAMS creates tailor-made training opportunities to help refugees and vulnerable communities acquire relevant skills and strengthen their ability to lead independent, fulfilling lives.

CHAMS ensures they have access to innovative, customized training tailored to the constraints on the ground for a full year. These solutions improve the employability of beneficiaries and enable refugees and displaced persons to provide for their families while using their skills and talents, thereby contributing to the development of their host communities.

Thanks to this program, students become familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Graduates of the program are thus eligible for jobs as Frontend Developers, React Developers, JavaScript Developers, or Web Integrators.
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Recent result

There are many examples of young refugees finding work thanks to previous editions of CHAMS Bootcamps. Hamza Rashed, a young Syrian refugee from the Zaatari camp, attended the Coding Bootcamp in 2019. With a passion for teaching, Hamza launched his own YouTube channel during confinement. His talent for teaching became his profession, and he is now a trainer for the Norwegian Refugee Council.

The money will be used for

In practical terms, the funds raised are used to pay part of the Lead Teacher's salary for the 12 months of training on offer. Then, the budget is divided between soft skills training costs and costs of using Holberton School's partner platform.


The goal for CHAMS is to raise around $30,000 to cover the expenses associated with training four of the 25 targeted 2023 program students, as well as their internship placements.
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