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Coliving spaces for young people with and without disabilities

With 80 €,
Fratries finances:
1 furniture to furnish the 30 m² living room where you can spend quality time together
4,727 €20,000 €
36 Captains


1 in 2 young working people are ready to join a coliving. This flexible, serviced, shared housing solution in the heart of the city is growing fast because it meets the challenges and expectations of young working people: to live in the heart of the city and no longer be alone.

This expectation is also shared by young people with disabilities! Yet, to date, too few living spaces are designed so that they can take off without living solely among people with disabilities. 

How can we make coliving accessible to all young people so that we can enrich ourselves with our differences?


Fratries was created for all these young people! Modern, well-located homes to feel at home and enable young working people, with and without mental disabilities (or autism spectrum disorders), to live together.

Beyond being a housing solution, Fratries aims to (re)learn how to live together and to support each young person so that they can integrate as fully as possible into the mainstream environment, and particularly into the world of work. To achieve this, Fratries mobilizes its teams (house managers, caregivers, job coaches) whose mission is to develop people's autonomy.
Fratries primary
Fratries secondary

Recent result

After 18 months of co-construction with 5 young people with disabilities, Fratries opened its first home in Nantes in April 2022. 10 active young people, including 5 with mental disabilities, have settled into this Nantes coliving and are proving every day that living together is possible! 

Two more Fratries will see the light of day in spring 2023 in Rennes (35) and Colombes (92). Fratries has been expanding since its launch, with the ambition of opening around twenty in the next 5 years.

The money will be used for

The money raised will be used to finance part of the renovation work to be carried out by Fratries as well as the furnishing of the house.


Fratries' ambition is to open 25 fratries by 2028 in France's major cities, representing :
- +280 roommates who (re)learn to live together, including 140 young people with disabilities who gain in autonomy and self-confidence, and 140 permanently active young people in the homes who break out of their solitude and change their outlook on disability;
- +140 young people with mental disabilities accompanied towards employment in an ordinary environment, dozens of employees and staff in contact with people with disabilities every day. 
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